Rise of the Eromancer

Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and many others—every human has the blood of gods running through their veins, it decides their fate. But Rhys, ever since he was born, showed absolutely no abilities. But at the age of 18, when his world had given up on him, the blood that remained dormant in his veins finally awakened… …The Blood of Eros, the God of Love, Desire…and Coitus.

Romeru · Urban
Not enough ratings
280 Chs

Chapter 211: Old Emotions

"Faster! Faster, you ingrates!"

3 days after Talia had killed the warden and each and every last employee of the prison, some of the inmates thought they would finally be free of any manual labor and could just relax until the military swoops in to apprehend all of them — of course, when that time comes, they would just kneel on the ground and follow their orders.

…Little did they know they would be following someone else's orders until that time came. And not only that, they were now practically being treated as slaves. Most of them, especially those who were on the weaker spectrum, had to sweep and clean the entire prison and bring back anything that would be useful.

That includes weapons, food, and medicine. But not only that, they were also tasked to do the heavy lifting to transfer and practically redesign the entire prison into some sort of… impenetrable castle.