1 Birth of Hyuga Neji

Taro was in a state of animated suspension. He was not aware of what had transpired after he had died.

He was woken from his slumber by the words of the monk who was before his grave. Before he could make out the situation his soul flew out of his grave and entered the void. Taro did not know that his obsession over Naruto was what had kept him alive towards the end and it was the same that has now interfered with the monk's boon and transported his soul to the world of Naruto.

Taro's favorite character in Naruto was Neji, followed by Jiraiya. Even though he didn't hate Naruto he always thought that Naruto could have been better. There were other characters that he liked like Sasuke and Kakashi but they were not his all time favorite. Since his deepest desire was to live in the world of Naruto as a ninja, his soul reached that fantasy world through the boon of the monk.

You may think how a world based on a comic book can exist in real life, but it can due to the power of belief of a person. If you believe God exists he exists, if you believe ghosts exist they exist. It is all in the mind.

Taro was still unable to see as all he could see was darkness. Since Taro didn't have anything better to do he slept while thinking how his parents were coping with his death. After what Taro felt as ages he finally found a light and he opened his eyes to see. Taro felt extremely weird as he felt he was small and a elderly women was carrying him. She smiled as the newborn in her arms was a curious little fellow. Seeing the granny smile Taro also smiled involuntarily.

Taro didn't feel that his body was burdened as he had always felt and coupled with the fact that he was now small and unable to freely control his body Taro confirmed he was reborn. Taro was happy that he was reborn with his memories intact and he could later seek out his old parents and help them out. But the words that the Elderly granny said shook him to the core.

" Hyuga Hizashi come look at your son. He is a healthy little fellow. "

An middle aged man came into the room and took Taro from the elderly woman and looked at him briefly while turning to ask the elder

" How is my wife , is she alright?"

" Sorry Hizashi she didn't make it, i could only save your son" said the granny before taking back Taro and proceeded to bath him and cover him in a warm blanket. By now Taro recovered from his initial shock and he was now sure that he could never reach his old parents. Taro had entered the world of Naruto. Taro faintly remembered the boon of the monk so it confirmed his doubt. Taro was both happy and sad.

Hizashi just stood before his dead wife whose face was covered with a blanket. Taro was not fortunate enough to see his mothers face in this life.

After Taro was fed by another women he was again handed over to Hizashi who could be seen to be very sad.

Taro tried to encourage him as looking at him reminded him of his previous life's parents. But all that came out was goo goo and gaa gaas.

Seeing that his son was talking to him Hizashi cheered up but that was short lived as another person came into the room.

Hyuga Hiashi the current head of the Hyuga family came to congratulate the birth of his brother's son. But Hizashi knew the fate that awaited his son. Hizashi could only curse his own fate to have been born just after a few seconds after his brother Hiashi. Hizashi was always resentful of him becoming a branch family member and bearing the hateful fuinjutsu of the main family. With the birth of his son this resentment turned to hate towards the main family.

Hizashi looked at Taro and said " From today onwards you will be called Hyuga Neji. I am sorry i couldn't birth you as a main family member but i will compensate that by teaching all i know to you. You will prove the main family is not the only talented ones in the Hyuga clan.


Taro was taking it all in, he was not sure how exactly he took over Neji's body. Did something happen to the fetus or was the boon given by the monk was so powerful.

" Whatever i am now in this body and i have been freed from the disorder that haunted me in my previous life, besides i know all the plot in the original story of Naruto. It is sad that i don't know about the spin-off "Boruto", but i will take care of it when i cross that bridge." thought Taro.

" I will live this life to the fullest and make sure to make a name for myself and not just die as a side character." thought Taro.

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