3 Challenge

For the next two weeks nothing much happened. Everyone forgot about the argument. Soon it's time for inter class competitions. There are many competitions. Even Battle Planet Showdown is there. Everyone registered themselves in many competitions. Chaya did not register in Battle Planet Showdown even though she wanted to. She was scared that people will laugh at her.

The day of competitions started normally. Rajesh and his group of friends registered for Battle Planet Showdown and got into their allotted seats. Suddenly Chitra entered the room. Everyone was shocked to see her. When the game started nobody expected the ending.

The game was visible to other non players on a large LCD screen which was installed in the room.


A large grassland. Many warriors are transporting. Slowly all the warriors are there. Many different types of weapons and users are present. A red haired archer, a swordsman with an eye patch, a soldier with a spear and others. But the most eye catching of all is the woman in bright pink clothes.

All the warriors are looking at her. Nobody understood why will a person select eye catching clothes for a battle field.

Just then system announced the rules of the game. The game is for 45 minutes. It is a showdown where all others are enemies. Everyone got into positions. As per tradition everyone introduced themselves to their opponents.

Red haired archer introduced himself as 'R' (Rajesh)

The woman in pink clothes is 'Butterfly' (Chitra)

And so on.

A loud boom rang out and the battle started. Every warrior took out their weapons. Everyone attacked other warriors forming temporary alliances. All the warriors moved smoothly without any doubt in their abilities. Except the woman wearing pink colour clothes.

Her moments were sloppy indicating that she is a newbie. No one formed alliance with her and all ignored her. This that woman used to her advantage. She started using underhanded tricks to fight her opponents. She snuck upon opponents and pushed them into the face of a full blown attack.

She used all her weapons and powers to do the same. She used other warriors as her personal shields. Soon all the warriors reached a half point in their HP levels. All of them became angry and turned on her. Everyone surrounded her and got ready to attack. But she bought out a surprising weapon: 100 swords attack.

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