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What is Rio, Exist yet Not Exist

Read Rio, Exist yet Not Exist novel written by the author Lustsifer on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering reincarnation, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I still want to think more deeply about this story, so the status is [On Hold] for now. ∆ Rio, The Great Leader of Ninja World, died after slaying his enemy on The Great Ninja War X. When Rio opening his eyes, what he saw was a pitch black. Finding nothing in his surrounding, Rio started to meditate like what he usually do before the war. After countless amount of times passed, he felt another energy that foreign yet familiar and different from Chakra that he already know. Rio started to felt that energy want to merge with his Chakra and he lost his consciousness after the successful merging of the two energy. Opening his eyes, Rio saw a speck of white dot in the still pitch black surrounding. Rio approaching the white dot and disappear after his finger touching it. This is the story about Rio, a person that exist yet not exist. ∆ Note: • The cover isn't mine, I found it on internet. If you (the owner or has the ownership of the cover) want me to take it down, please message me to: lovve696@gmail.com. • This is my first story, so if you find a mistake please be kind to correct me! • The release schedule? Every time I got a satisfying word count (500-600 word) from my EXP sect latest chapter. So, around one chapter every week or two. • The writing of this story is from my phone, so expect more mistakes. I already trying to write on my laptop, but somehow something is lacking so I didn't continue using it to write.


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