Hades, the father of the rich night, is not just the Zeus of the Underworld, he is a reincarnator, free of the shackles of fate. He won't follow those fools of Olympus, his rise onto power will be unstoppable, immortals will be killed, unreachable will be reached and the impossible done. Posted on W*bn*vel and W*ttpad and Scrib*leh*ub, f*nfiction.n*t under the same name (Author name should also be the same: SnowApathie I don't own the riordanverse, this story is a fan fiction which is based on the universe created by Rick Riordan I don't own the cover and found it on Pinterest

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44 Chs

Character list (Greek mythology)

Hades {photo}

Thanathos {photo}

Hypnos {photo}

Hecate {photo}

Nemesis {photo}

Hestia {photo}

Zeus {photo}

Poseidon {photo}

Hera {photo}

Demeter {photo}

Hermes {photo}

Hephaestus {photo}

Apollo {photo}

Artemis {photo}

Dionysus {photo}

Ares {photo}

Athena {photo}

Aphrodite {photo}

Rhea {photo}

Gaea {photo}

Nyx {photo}

Erebus {photo}

Tartarus {photo}

Aether {photo}