1 Return of the Immortal mage chapter 1-- The Return V2

There was a world where people used magic in everyday life, and others judged people upon their magic power. People were not only judged, but their future, rank, respect collectively their whole life depended upon their magic power, and no from how much prestigious family they belonged to, they couldn't avoid this judgment.

The magic power of people was divided into ranks. The first rank was called the Core building rank, and the most advanced rank ever known to humankind was the rank called "Immortal Mage." The mage on this rank was treated and considered as deities. Their strength was also unparalleled as a strike from them could level mountains and destroy cities. As much as they were strong, this rank was so hard to achieve that people of this rank were either in myths or legends.

But nothing is impossible, and there was a person named Jinsang who achieved this rank. He was a middle-aged man with long silver-colored hair which fell till his back, and he had always had them tied up with a piece of string. He was six-two and had a sharp pointy chin which enhanced his handsome face beauty even more. His sharp features also contributed more to his handsomeness. In short, he was a total idol husband for all the women in the world.

Apart from being handsome, he was worshipped and feared by many people. He was the most powerful person of his life, but everyone, no matter how strong, has at least one weakness, and Jinsang's weakness was his younger brother Jinrong. Although Jinrong was not actually Jinsang's brother, Jinsang had adopted him when he was a little child and gave him his own family name. He had always loved him as his own younger brother. No matter how cruel and strict Jinsang was for others, he changed into an entirely different person with him. He just became like a child with his younger brother, but little did he know that his own doted and loved brother would turn against him.

One day Jinrong came to him and then stabbed him in the back with the Yangshuo dagger. The Yangshuo dagger was a gift from Jinsang to his younger brother. The dagger was made from a special material that directly affected a person's mana core and made a person vulnerable. This was forged by Jinsang himself to ensure his brother's safety, but less did he knew that his brother would use the dagger against him. Jinsang could easily finish off his brother, but he wasn't able to do it. He couldn't bring himself to believe what was going on. At last, he just gave in to the present and came closer to his brother. He hugged his brother and then whispered into his brother's ear with his fading voice that:

"Jinrong, I don't know why you are doing this but remember that I have always loved you. "

Just as Jinsang was completing his sentence, he saw two people come from behind his brother and patted his brother on the back, and then the three of them went back. Jinsang, who was living his final moments, had lost all hope and was waiting for his death, but suddenly, a light shone out of Jinsang's body. He closed his eyes tightly, and then when he opened them, he founded that he was not on the floor of his palace but rather on the floor of a rundown and broken house.

He couldn't even understand a bit of what was going on. He thought that he had died at the hands of Jinrong, but here he was on the floor of a rundown house. On looking closely, the rundown house was rather familiar to him. He thought that he had been in this house before. He got up from the floor and then started to look around the house. After a minute or two, he was shocked to see that the rundown house was actually his old house in which he lived for a lot of time after being abandoned by the Jin family.

He was shocked because his house was destroyed by one of his enemies. He couldn't process all the events which were happening. This was quite a lot for him to digest. As he was figuring out what was happening, he noticed himself in a mirror. He was not a middle-aged man anymore but rather a young man in his late teens. His long hair was also now only till his face. He focused on his face as he thought that he had seen that face somewhere. Suddenly it hit him that the face was the same as him in his late teens. He was now really puzzled; he hit upon an idea and then went towards the calendar, which he thought should be hung up in another room.

He rushed towards a room in front of him and saw that the calendar was 20 years before the time of his death. By the calendar, he deduced that he had traveled back in time when he was just 18 years old, although he had read about time-traveling spells, he had never seen or heard about one in his entire life. He faced up towards the sky and then shouted with joy:

"Finally, the heavens have given me another chance I would not repeat my past mistakes, and in this life, no one would be able to bully my loved ones or me. For those who had bullied me in my past life, I would teach them such a lesson which they would never be able to forget in their entire life."

Although Jinsang had made such huge claims, a great problem had arisen as he remembered that his mana core was defective at that time. Although everyone thought that Jinsang was born with a defective mana core, Jinsang found a great secret in his past life that, in reality, Jinsang's mana core was not defective but poisoned at the time of his birth. Although the person who did it was still unknown, Jinsang swore that he would find him out as that person was the root of his entire life problems.

Jinsang also knew about the ingredients used in the poison and the antidote. The real problem was that Jinsang had never formed his core foundation, due to which he would receive problems in training his mana. The entrance test for Imperial Magic Academy was also around the corner. The Imperial Magic Academy was one of the top magic academies in zhanghong city. And at that time, the zhanghong city was ruled upon by the four influential families there.

The name of these four families was the Jin, Mu, Zhang and the Shen family. The four families were practically the owner of more than half of the city as they had deeply engraved their claws in every sector of the zhanghong city. The only person who could keep them under control was the city mayor. The Imperial Academy was the first choice of these families for sending their talented children and inheritors. Jinsang's main reason for going there was to show the four families his power and find the person who had poisoned him.

The first step was to fix the mana core and to do this, Jinsang went to the herbs market to buy the herbs needed to do it. Jinsang went inside a shop and then asked the shopkeeper for the herbs. The shopkeeper saw Jinsang's ragged clothes and thought it was a poor man who would've come to buy some cheap, low-grade medicines. He made a disgusted face and then asked Jinsang about the herbs which he wanted. Jinsang replied to him that:

"Let's see; I want 10g of black cohosh root, 100 years old ginseng, some snow deer antlers, and some black mantra venom".

The shopkeeper looked towards him with awe and then said to him that

"Hey, you boy, do you even realize that these things which you have asked are costly. Are you really sure that you can even afford them?"

Just as Jinsang was gonna reply to the shopkeeper, a boy who was of the same age as Jinsang came to the counter and then asked for the snow deer antler from the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper had a greedy look in his eyes, and his way of talking changed. He was dealing with that boy really nicely, and he kept licking that boy's boots. Jinsang could not understand its reason, but since he wanted the snow deer antler, he said to the boy that:

"Excuse me, but I was in the process of just buying the snow deer antler, so do you mind backing up and letting me complete my deal."

The boy looked towards Jinsang, examined him from head to toe, and then said to him that:

"Hey, you country bumpkin, do you even have any idea who I am?"

Jinsang looked towards that boy with focus and then said to him that

"Ummm, I don't know you, so who are you, by the way."

The boy straightened his back and then arrogantly answered Jinsang that

"Hey, you country bumpkin, feast your eyes upon me as I am Mu Zongyu, the son of the Mu family's head second brother. Many people even give up their whole wealth and possessions to meet me. It would be best if you were considering yourself lucky that I am even talking to you. So, now you should step aside and let this young master finish his shopping."

Jinsang laughed and then replied to the young boy:

"I really don't know whether those people are just generous or crazy to give up their all possessions to meet you. Well, you aren't exceptional now that I am meeting and talking with you. Regarding the snow deer antler, I'm afraid that I'll be the one who will obtain it."

The End

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