Rescuing His Captive Mate: Saving The Future Luna
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Rescuing His Captive Mate: Saving The Future Luna


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What is Rescuing His Captive Mate: Saving The Future Luna

Read Rescuing His Captive Mate: Saving The Future Luna novel written by the author Deni_Chance on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, mystery, werewolf, alpha, fatedlove. โœ“ Newest updated โœ“ All rights reserved


Star is a girl who has known no world. She's been held captive by her extended family since her mother died when she was two, or was her mother murdered? The date of her eighteenth birthday is approaching and if she doesn't get away from her captors soon, she will have to marry a man whom she despises. Artem is a young new Alpha who was disgusted by the previous Alphas' actions. Wanting to reform his pack and protect the weak he took control by force. Now, he's rescuing those who have been beaten, abused, and neglected. During one of his rescue mission, Artem discovers the young Star. The girl is terrified of her family, the world out side that she doesn't know, and him. So how is he going to tell her that she is his fated mate and future Luna of their pack? Can Artem get Star to trust him when she has been told that no one cares for weak wolves, especially the Alpha? Can he convince her that the world is not how she had been led to believe it was? "I will do anything to save you, Star. Anything to protect you. Please, you have to trust me." Can Star move past her fear and trust this man she's never known before? And is her family just going to roll over and let her be taken away from them? What ups and downs await our Alpha and his mate in this roller coaster of a story? ***WARNINGS*** Graphic Violence Strong Language Sexual Content Mature/Adult Content Abuse Imprisonment Attempted Rape FOLLOW ME AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK https://discord.gg/8wrYgHqemB https://twitter.com/DCinMI https://www.facebook.com/deni.chance.71


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There aren't a lot of chapters yet, but I'm loving this. Star is being labeled as a weak wolf but has such a strong will. Artem is a strong alpha but has this soft side for the people who need him. Perfect for each other I must say.


One of thy best writers on WebNovel, no doubt about it. All of her stories are amazing, so full of emotions and wonderful descriptions. I feel like I'm part of the books myself.


Deni Chance does it again, Love this novel! Deni's characters are like her friends, and she is invested in every one of them. Star and Artem are such a sweet and powerful leading couple. Artem takes over his pack because the leaders are abusing omega wolves. His sister and friends work with him to rescue those being treated horribly, including Star who it turns out is Artem's true mate. It's a wonderful story that you will quickly become invested in.


i started reading this for one of the challenges... I love it so far! I'm in the middle of a few different stories on 3 book apps. This one kept coming back to me, had to relocate it, lol! So glad I found it!! ๐Ÿ˜ I haven't read enough yet, to properly rate with stars yet.๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿค—




This story has just gotten better and better!!!! I love this book so much I totally recommend it to anyone who likes to read. [img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I love this book. Its unique and thrilling and it will keep you wanting more! And the more you read the more exciting it all gets! I'm so enthralled I can't wait to see what happens next!!


Oh my God! Star is a great character and omg Artem!! He is the greatest ever. So sweet so caring and just the best mate in the world. I want Artem for myself!!!!!




This story is simply beautiful. The character growth of the FL is especially good and has made my heart ache numerous times. But the best part is that you always feel the hope bc Star doesn't give up on herself.


I love this book so much I've read it twice now lol. I know there's not much chapters out yet, but you will be hooked instantly. Give this book a chance and I'm 100% sure you won't regret it. You'll be asking for more chapters!


Even though this book only has a few chapters, it has already captivated me in the best way possible. Iโ€™ve read other books by this author, and if this book is half as good as her other books then it is most definitely worth your time to read it! I cannot wait to see where the rest of this book goes, but I know it will be amazing!


This is such an amazing story to read!! It has all the feelings, love, hate, happyness and sadness and everything else. The suspense and connection to Deniโ€™s other stories kept me coming back for more! I laughed out load and cried while reading this story! Itโ€™s a must read for sure! Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ


This is my favorite werewolf story I have read. It is nice reading a story focused on family instead of the usual I am rejecting you novel. The characters are great. The flow of the story is well written. This is an enjoyable read and I highly recommend it.


I love this book! I have cried, laughed and been angry while reading this. That says a lot about the author when they make you feel so much emotions along with the characters . I hope thereโ€™s more to the story because im not ready for it to end.


An inspirational novel. No shortage of abuse and hardship, and triumph. Not for the squeamish reader. A great story with tie-in to Chosen by Fate.


This is a great story. Ive enjoyed all the characters, theyโ€™re definitely unique. The author is great at making you feel everything fromm happy to be sad and crying. I also cried because the characters cried when they were so happy and loved. I think everyone should read this book.


I loved this book, now we just need to make it a paperback! lol I can't wait to see what other worlds this wonderful writer has in store for us!


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