Reincarnation of the Strongest Demon Emperor Book

novel - Fantasy

Reincarnation of the Strongest Demon Emperor


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A story of a Demon, Abaddon whose soul was reincarnated into an old man's body in another world accompanied by the Legendary Energy Dagger that he painstakingly searched for which turned out to be a system. With his profound knowledge and tens of thousands of years of experience , he seeks to extract revenge on his enemies that dared to kill him while simultaneously trying to break the cage that's called the universe, and reach the true pinnacle of life. Not bound by any morals, he doesn't hold back in pursuing his ultimate goal. In a world where power is everything, Abaddon must rise above all with his own power, bathing the sacred realm with rivers of blood, and then breaking the cage and step in it to see what's beyond it. 100 power stones = 1 extra chapter 200 power stones = 2 extra chapters 300 power stones = 3 extra chapters