Reincarnated into Pokemon Universe: PokeWizards and Duel Monsters
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Reincarnated into Pokemon Universe: PokeWizards and Duel Monsters


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What is Reincarnated into Pokemon Universe: PokeWizards and Duel Monsters

Read Reincarnated into Pokemon Universe: PokeWizards and Duel Monsters fanfiction written by the author ChaosSlimeGod on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games fanfic stories, covering pokemon, videogames, iseki. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


IF YOU ARE A "CHILDHOOD CHAPTER HATER" THEN DO NOT READ THIS STORY. WE DON'T TAKE TOO KINDLY TO YOUR TYPES AROUND HERE. ******CREATIVE RELEASE****** Until my original work is completed. CHILDHOOD CHAPTER HATERS FUCK OFF Ashton is reincarnated into a Pokemon Universe nearly 2,000 years before the beginning of GEN 1. No pokeballs, no PC, no pokedex, no pokemon centers. Ashton, in his newly acquired identity as Asmond, quickly realizes he has access to some kind of magical power. But wait, did humans in the Pokemon lore always have magical powers, if so why doesn't he remember ever having heard of such a thing. CHILDHOOD CHAPTER HATERS FUCK OFF Where did this power come from? How will he become the best without all of those fancy gadgets and doodads? Can he use this power to somehow recreate some of those technologies? Or, does Asmond have some grander vision in mind? CHILDHOOD CHAPTER HATERS FUCK OFF Be Warned: I have another book "Reincarnated into Destiny Universe" that I'm currently working on and it takes a major priority over this one. If you really hate novels that are never finished by the author, then you might want to skip this. I don't have any plans to even continue this at the moment much less finish it anytime soon. If I do come back to it, it won't be until after I've finished both "Reincarnated into Destiny Universe" and my upcoming original work "Reincarnated as Mort Flesh." It's possible I'll add another chapter or two now and then but this put together mostly as a form of creative release. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy what little there is to enjoy. CHILDHOOD CHAPTER HATERS FUCK OFF Addendum: I don't own Pokemon or any of its related trademarks or copyrights. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, IF YOU DON'T LIKE CHILDHOOD CHAPTERS FUCK OFF WE DON'T NEED YOUR NEVERENDING WHINING IN OUR COMMENTS SECTION


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The idea of the story is alright but it never lifts off. I've had the story listed for several months now and the updates tend to be rewrites of the same chapters with minor changes. As such my rating is quite poor. The author writes well but doesn't go beyond baby years with his updates, and tends to focus on various rewrites of his birth... With minor differences.


Im honestly expecting him to go search for celebi to bring him and him team 2000 years into the future xD Be kinda cool maybe after he trains his pokemon up and finishes his buisness at his home village he'll do it


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