1 Reincarnation

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My name is Alan Trust and I am 16 years old and now I am sitting in a couch in a room with a table, a plant, a door and a glass of water put on the table in front of me.In front on the wall there are words it says 'Welcome! Everything is fine.' in green paint, reading the words a wave of calmness hit me.After sometime i remembered what happened to me.

I was walking a quiet street going to my house after working part-time in a mechanical workshop I was going home when I heard a loud scream from a women in a alley,I went in the alley and i saw 3 thugs were trying to **** a women.I was foolish enough to go there and shout at them to stop.

"Hey stop what your doing"

"What a kid trying tell us what to do, get him"

The first one a big guy comes and tries to punch me but I go down and punch his ball and he screams in agony.Looking at his companion getting hit another guy comes to punch me and i hit his stomach as he hits my face, taking this distraction at advantage the women bites the guy thats holding her presumably the boss and bites his hand and he lets go of her then she runs not looking back at me.

The boss yells and charges at me.

"You bastard your going to die"

I fight them all but I easily get overnumbered and later I was lying in the alley as they kick the shit of me, then I hear policemens at the street trying to find us.

"Boss we have to go the police are here"

"Not before I kill this bastard"

He gets a knife from his pocket and stabs me in my stomach.Then I hear a few gunshots and the thugs clutching their stomachs and falling and I lose my consciousness and now I am in this room that reminds of the first scene of The Good Place.

The door in the room opens and the guy from the good place comes in.

"Hello my name is Michael, Welcome please come in."

I was shocked and get in then see what I can describe is a beautiful office with windows where beautiful sunshine is coming, a brown wooden desk and two chair, a lamp, few arts, few urbanian decorative pieces.Michael sits in the chair and motions me to seat in the chair in front of me.I seat and look at him questioningly.

"You might be wondering why are you here and are you in hell, I assure you are not in hell this place is just one of the manifestation of what you think heaven may be or what will happen after you die and I am a manifestation well not all but this face of mine is of your imagination,well do you have any question?"

"Well, what will happen to me now and who are you?"

"I am ROB, you know like those novels you read where you get a system and reincarnate well the same thing is going to happen to you because in your last moment you foolishly ran to save a women in despair and because of that reason we will reincarnate you to any of your chosen world and give a system, So what do you think?"

I was super excited then any other time I was in my life or my past life.

"Yes thank you very much,Hahaha"

"Welcome so what world do you think you want to reincarnate in and please take your time"

I was starting to think quite seriously because like those novels I don't want to reincarnate in a world where I have to fight and almost die many time, I just want to live my new life in harmony, have friend, school life, get a family and have kids and have some laughs, then i knew just what world that would be perfect for me.I then look at him at him happily and say.

"I want to go to the world of Liv and Maddie and reincarnate just a few days before Liv comes home from Hollywood"

"Okay then now I will tell you about the system you will get,It will help by giving you money, enhancing your physical body and some other stuff which you will learn eventually, do you have any other questions?"

"No and thank you for this opportunity you have given and again thank you"

"Its okay we gave you what you deserve and I hope you live your new life fulfillingly, well are you ready for the new time of your life"


"Close your eyes"

He smiles and I wait for 10 seconds then I open my eyes to see that I am in a forest.

"Well where am I"

I searched myself and found a phone, I opened it and see the map and I see that I am in a forest right next to Wisconsin.

"I am only a few kilometers away from Ridgewood, and where is my system lets see"

After searching for a while I heard a sound.


'Congratulation you have reincarnated in the world of Live and Maddie and received 1 million dollars'

"Well this life I am going to live will be as I wanted"

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