Reincarnated In HP world with Power of Destruction

Power 1.Unlimited Power of Destruction 2.Perfect control 3.Tom Riddle's Magic Talent, and lot of Magical Energy Orphan trope Harem 1.Nymphadora Tonks 2.Luna Lovegood 3.Fleur Delacour 4.Daphne Greengrass 5.Astoria Greengrass 6.Hermione Granger Summary: MC is OP as fk but don't act cold towards people he care and actually listens to them (beta naive mc) He is Heir of an ancient noble family. A lot of MC's ass kissing, cringe af, ya this is it. I won't recommend you reading this shit. There are way way better ff available on webnovel read those than wasting your time here. why am I writing this then? cause I'm a fking loser. You're not right? sorry just got upset due to criticism. Ahh I should just delete this shit and do something productive with my life. You can't satisfy everyone. some like Hermione, some hate her to guts. fking idiots.

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97 Chs




1. Nymphodra Tonks.

2. Narcissa Ashwood

3. Death/ Hela


Fleur Delacour

Bellatrix Peverell

Luna Lovegood

Daphne Greengrass

Astoria Greengrass

Leana Greengrass

Millicent Bagnold

Hermione Granger

10 is more than enough, I had initially planned to be 4 but request after request made me increase the number, but who's complaining?