1 Prologue

Chase is a normal young guy with a lot of anime addiction. He has a secret hobby - collecting dakimakura pillows from different anime. Chase has hundreds of them at home. One day, he realizes that he doesn't have the latest pillow for his favourite fall 2019 show. Chase wanted to buy it online, but he noticed something.

"Damn, I don't have enough money in my bank account ... I have to transfer some at the bank." As lazy as he is, Chase still needs to go to the bank and go out into the community.

After a couple of minutes of walking, he comes to the bank, deposits some money into his account, as suddenly a bank robbery occurs.

"Okay, this is a robbery! Everybody on the floor!"

Chase with the rest of the people at the bank heard the sound of a gunshot or two. There were several short shouts as the robber fired a couple of shots.

"Everyone listens to me, or the next shot will be right in your skull. All of you guys, you better go to the vault. Don't touch any buttons or anything. Hurry! Hurry!"

Chase and the others were moving into the vault while collecting all the money in the bank, suddenly Chase's smartphone rang, as he put a reminder on his phone.

"FBI !! OPEN!" Chase's alarm clock was so loud that it scared another robber who was holding them hostage in the vault. Chase quickly turned off his alarm, but the robbers were still angry with him.

The robber shot Chase. "This is what happens to those who are stupid enough to annoy us."

Chase was lying on the floor, blood flowing from his stomach. The rest of the people cringed in fear and could not help him.

"So this is how I'm going to die ... Damn! I shouldn't have left the house, and it wouldn't have happened." the blood continued to flow and Chase's vision began to darken.

Suddenly, Chase vision cleared, but he began to realize that something was wrong with him. He could not move his body, he also felt that he was no longer in the bank. Chase saw someone walking in his direction, and the closer he got, the more he got.

A strange floating notice suddenly appeared in front of the person when the person was next to him.

[Lyon] Level19

Health: 1000

Mana: 300



Dexterity - 17/100

Agility - 13/100


Intelligence - 30/100

Perception - 30/100

Charisma - 59/100


Magic - 19/100

Resistance - 0/100

"What the hell is this? Is this character stats?" Chase was a little confused by this situation, his brain couldn't figure out what had happened to him.

"Young man! Are you here to buy a ring for your adventures? If so, you've come to the right place, here we sell good rings that will improve your performance." a man's voice said.

Chase heard the sound behind him, but he couldn't turn. He began to speak, but oddly enough, no sound came out.

"Could you show us the best ring you have in the store, please?" He heard these words from a person standing in front of him. This made Chase wonder where he was. "Shop? What am I doing in the store?"

Chase realized that someone had lifted him. "This ring has the best characteristics for adventurers as it improves body stats by 20, but of course the price is very high. It will cost you 3000 kroons.

"Sorry, I can't charge myself that much. My budget is around 1500 kroons, so recommend me a few rings for this price." said the young man in front of Chase.

Chase sensed that someone had put him on, so he realized something strange about himself. He tried to connect all the leads and he finally figured it out.

"EHHHH !!!! I am the ring! ... How could this happen ??" Chase tried to remember, but he doesn't know what exactly turned him into the ring. He was very scared, he tried to move and scream, but no one noticed him.

Chase remembered that the man behind him had said "adventurer," and realized what had happened to him.

"I died after being shot by a robber, and was reborn in another world, not as a person, but as a ring."

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