13 Battle!

"You should never mess with me! I have the power of a demon beast in me!"

The bronze knight was sent flying by Daylor punch and land in the bushes. Daylor laughs at the bronze knight as Daylor walks towards the Bronze Knight. The bronze knight was about to stand up but he was knocked down by Daylor.

The bronze continues to fight back! He swings his sword at Daylor but he knocks it away easily. Daylor knocks down the bronze knight again and pins his arms down with his claws while trying to bite the bronze knight armor.

Daylor bites the bronze knight armor but fails to break through it! He tries again but fails again! Finally, Daylor tries one last time but fails once more! The bronze knight couldn't do anything as he was pinned down.

Daylor was getting irritated as he could not bite through his bronze armor. He then punches the bronze knight rapidly. Blood coming out from the bronze knight helm. Daylor grin as the bronze knight armor started to crack because of his punches.

Finally, he stops and continues to bite through the bronze knight armor. It takes ten minutes but eventually, Daylor manages to bite through the armor and bite the knight arm! Daylor now has one of the bronze knights arms in his mouth and begins to shake the knight around.

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The bronze knight tried to punch Daylor with his left arm but it doesn't seem to affect him much, Daylor just shakes his head a bit before returning to shaking the knight like a rag doll!

Even it the tough situation, the knight continue to punch Daylor until he suddenly hit Daylor eyes! Daylor stops shaking the knight and starts flailing about wildly. He then stops flailing about and lets go of the knight.

The bronze knight quickly grabs his sword nearby and starts chopping at its neck until finally one of his swings decapitates it! Daylor falls lifelessly to the ground. I am pretty sure that Daylor was dead but I was wrong as his body reverted to human form and stood back up! He can regenerate back.

"I will never die as..."

The knight grabs his sword and starts chopping at Daylor! Eventually, he manages to land a few good hits and chop part of his head off! He collapses again but this time he stays down for good.

The knight checks the Daylor corpse and he found me on Daylor left ring finger. He then took me off from Daylor finger and put me on his finger, he continues to search Daylor corpse for any stolen item.

But when he about to search the Daylor body, I realized that his heart area has a hole and something crawls out from it. The knight noticed it too and quickly took it sword but that thing crawl away so fast, it managed to turn invisible and ran away.

"What was that thing?" I spoke.

After I spoke, the bronze knight then looks around as he was searching for something. I then realized that he was searching for me as I had spoken.

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