France Stats (1800) & Character Arts

Official Name: Republic of France (1800)


Anthem: "La Marseillaise"

National Day: July 14th (Bastille Day)

Capital City: Paris

Largest City: Paris

Government: Consulate

Head of State: First Consul (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Official Language: French

Main Religions: Catholicism.

Current Constitution: The Constitution of the Year VIII (1799)

Area: Approximately 618,000 square kilometers

Population: 40,000,000

Currency: French Franc

Sister States: Batavian Republic, Cisalpine Republic, Ligurian Republic, Helvetic Republic, Subalpine Republic, Republic of Lucca, Gozo, Republic of Connacht

Colonies: French colonies in the Caribbean (e.g., Saint-Domingue), Indian Ocean (e.g., Réunion), Africa (e.g., Egypt, Syria, Tunis, Algiers) Middle East (Emirate of Diriyah, Mecca, Medina)

Character Arts:

Since webnovel is still processing my character's application for art, I will post it here.

Napoleon Bonaparte:

Ciela Bonaparte:

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