191 Top 16

The top 16 battles was now starting. Ning could see a few people he recognized make it into those rank. Hijaka was one of them. With his dual body and Qi cultivation, his fighting strength was really high.

Next was that orange robed man he hated, Gai. The next one was the orange robed man he helped the Flood Dragon kill whose cultivation base was higher than him. He had found out that this was the man named Faran, the 2nd ranking participant from the secret realm.

Another one of the people he knew was the leader of the group of 5 that tried to use the charm girl to lure people into their formation and kill them. 

He had surprisingly made this far up. However, this was going to be his final match since all the remaining ones all were in the 1st Foundation Establishment realm.

The host started picking two names from the box to start the top 16 matches. 

"No 10 and No 76"


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