1121 Jenna

The young lord looked stumped and had absolutely no idea what to do. He didn't care about Ning or even the fact that he was blocking traffic for that matter.

He only worried that his beast, Bong, was going to go wild if he didn't do wild. When that happened, the beast was most likely going to kill many before. With how strong the beast was, it would take his entire garrison to stop the beast.

And he absolutely did not want that to happen.

"Young lord, what do we do now?" one of the guards asked.

The young lord really only had one choice. "Call my sister," he said. "She'll know."

"Yes, young lord."

The guards quickly run away to call the young man's sister.

Ning picked the sword back up and put it into his sheath. Then, he moved to the side and let the beast follow him to the side.

He wanted to make up space for the rest of the people to walk by. 


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