244 Changed City

Ning appeared inside the city of Starsight. He looked around and was truly shocked at how desolate it was. He had left the city after the tragedy that happened 2 years ago but didn't realize how bad the problem was. 

"Senior Kazier did say something about everyone leaving this place. So, I guess it's all empty now, huh?" he thought as he walked around the city. As he expected nothing was around. Most of the houses were destroyed in the battle, the ones that remained were all empty. 

People had left with all of the items with them and gone to the other cities nearby. He walked over t0 the Pure Cleansing sect and saw the torn-down buildings. The Physician's guild was also all but destroyed. All that remained was a husk of its former self. 

Ning was walking through the empty city when suddenly he heard a noise. He sent his divine sense and saw that there was a beast there. 


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