2 Chapter 2 Hesitation

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Anthony leaned helplessly on his chair, "Zach! You have to be flexible! Not everyone needs to be buried! You can use cremation!"

The eyes of the vampire instantly turned crimson! Cremation? Do you know why there were guillotines and stakes in the Middle Ages? Because that was the only way humans at that time knew that could kill vampires! Vampires, like all non-humans, were afraid of flames.

And cremation was the reason why Zach's funeral business slumped. This 'trend' that has suddenly emerged in recent years made people think that dead people did not need to occupy land anymore! Even coffins were unnecessary. A small metal urn was all the dead people needed to rest in peace.

Zach had a strong aversion toward this emerging term, he believed his employees also would not accept it, especially Alice, she was a death-heralding banshee and a black witch. The witches that died on the fire stake were no less than vampires!

Zach frowned, but the redness of his eyes gradually faded, the hand that was holding the document had already crumpled the paper. He knew that this was indeed the only thing Anthony could do.

"What about the other funeral business?" Zach asked. This document was a notice to privatize all the funeral business. Yes, there were still 'brave' humans competing with vampires in Barton City. After all, ignorant people were fearless.

"Allen, Ford... all the funeral homes are the same. If you want to survive in human society..." Anthony looked at Zach and said with a sigh, "This is the only way to go. Next year, the mayor will be re-elected, I will not be able to stay in this position forever!"

Zach folded the file, put it in his pocket, and looked at Anthony, "I saved you on the battlefield, and it was you gave me the idea, but now, I want to keep my choice." It seemed that the vampire finally realized that human life was not suitable for him, and he had to face your own nature... As if! He just hesitated.

Then there was a knock on the door. After Anthony responded. The door was pushed open. The beautiful Gina leaned forward and held the door. The third button of her shirt was stretched. Anthony diverted his attention away from his female secretary with difficulty and then looked at the soldier, who came in.

"Mayor!" The soldier said after a salute, "Senators are still waiting!"

Anthony nodded, signaling the soldier to leave first.

Today, there was a dinner and a party for the two senators from Massa State, where Barton City was located, for the purpose of privatizing the funeral business that was originally managed by the government. After dinner, Anthony came back to dress up and bring his female companion, Gina, and continue to attend the after-dinner party.

When the soldier left, Anthony signaled to Gina. Then the female secretary nodded and closed the door again. For today, she had specially ordered her new evening dress.

Zach noticed that the soldier was equipped with a gun in his waist, which was very unusual. After the war, this kind of deadly weapon was forbidden to equip at will. Even for the protection of the senators, it was very strange to bring a gun into the city hall in such a blatant manner.

"Is public security very bad now?" Zach asked Anthony, who had walked aside and started to change his dress.

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Anthony looked at the phone on his desk. "It's the problem with the cables. Communication in Barton City has been cut off for almost a week. But we still haven't found out where the problem is. Senators are the people, who want to run for governors. They value their lives very highly."

Zach shook his head, his old thinking was still unable to adapt to the current politics of human society. But he still reminded Anthony before leaving, "Remember to protect yourself."

Anthony snorted, and then attached a small revolver to his waist under Zach's watch. Zach's eyes squinted slightly in the silver reflection. A silver gun and bullets, and It was another deadly weapon against vampires.

Zach smiled with satisfaction, opened the door, and left the mayor's office.

If Anthony could only become Zach, this vampire's protection, and only let Zach get the funds allocated by the municipal government every month, it would be very ridiculous! Anthony was the barrier between Zach and the vampire families outside. To be more specific, the barrier of the ancestral vampire clans! You need to know that our vampire protagonist had a very old surname!

After leaving the city hall, the light rain still did not stop, the buildings across the street were brilliantly lit, and the road was full of vehicles. The members of the upper-class community of Barton City would not give up the opportunity of meeting with the future governor.

Zach lowered the brim, put his hands in the pockets of the coat, and walked toward the southern district. It was 8:00 PM now, and the buses in Barton City had already stopped running when the sun went down. Zach wanted to use his speed as a vampire and run until his body was turned into a series of blurry shadows, but this place was near the city hall. The bright lights didn't allow him to do this. Our protagonist was a vampire, who wanted to integrate into human society. Don't forget this. He wanted to hide his supernatural identity...

Dampness and coldness were not the feelings that vampires liked. Vampires were also warm-blooded 'creatures', it was just that their temperature was much lower than when they were humans. So to other people, it was cold, but to vampires, it was just room temperature. Room temperature meant that they would not be able to feel anything, but vampires didn't like the environment where they couldn't feel anything. It would make them dull, at least, Zach didn't like it.

So after walking past two streets, he hid in a grocery store selling tobacco, coffee and some small things.

The shopkeeper looked at the man in the black formal wear, whose skin was extremely fair, with an expressionless face and pointed to a shelf behind the man, where umbrellas of different styles were hanging.

Zach shook his head, pointing to the container behind the shopkeeper, "a pack of cigarettes."

The shopkeeper turned around and took out a pack of ten Dor (currency) cigarettes. Zach immediately shook his head, "No, no more than four or five Dor, thank you."

The shopkeeper rolled his eyes and took out another pack of cigarettes. Zach then handed the shopkeeper a ten-Dor bill. The shopkeeper opened the drawer and gave back five Dor. However, after getting the money, Zach still shook out his hand in front of the shopkeeper. This vampire was trying to remind him, what about the rest of the change?

The shopkeeper, however, stared at our vampire, not moving.

Zach gave up, took back his hand, and pulled out today's newspaper from the counter. This Barton Daily was worth five Dor, which was exactly the rest of the change.

Just like that, in the disdainful eyes of the shopkeeper, the vampire Zach waited until the rain stopped. It was a sparse spring drizzle. The night sky soon cleared, and a full moon appeared.

Zach walked out of the grocery store. He had to rush back today. If Benjamin didn't get clothes tomorrow morning, that werewolf might not speak to Zach for half a month!

For a vampire, if a werewolf looked at you without speaking a word, instinctively, the vampire would only think of one thing, he was judging if you are tasty or not.

Then the sound of someone humming quietly appeared. Zach looked at the corner of the street. There was a woman sitting on the ground while leaning against a streetlamp, with heavy makeup, exposed dress, and a man cursing from the bar next to the streetlamp. Zach's light green eyes slightly turned red. Please don't forget that Zach was a hungry vampire, and the 'food' seemed to be intoxicated by the alcohol.

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