Reclaiming the Demon's Curse Book

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Reclaiming the Demon's Curse


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Cyril's mind is in a mess. Everyone thought that he was dead. However, the truth is that he survived the catastrophe and wanted to return home as quickly as possible. But just a few days after the news of his death, he already found his lover together with another man! Finally, he realized that the catastrophe he met wasn't an accident, his death was plotted by them to get rid of him! He couldn't take the pain of being betrayed by the woman he loved. He found himself searching on the internet for a way to die. He wanted it to be painless if possible. However, as he was searching, he heard a demon's voice behind him. "I can help you..." The cold voice coming from the depths of hell sends a shiver up his spine. On that night, Cyril made a deal with the Demon. And later on... he will call it the Demon's Curse. *** [ WPC #202 Silver Prize Winner ] *This story is about Cyril who made a deal with an interesting Demon... a demon with a unique method of taking his prey's life. *The pacing is slow at the start but once the MC had a full grasp of the things he can do, the pacing will get better. (: *I do not own the cover art. just found it on google. if it's yours and wants me to remove it, let me know! Discord: xlntz#6223 *** 2 chaps/day starting on dec 1 [ PS: The book wouldn't be a super long series so the premium was a bit early. ]


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