Reborn with Steve Stand

This FanFic Novel is about a Chinese Guy from Earth who died, transmigrated, and awakened with Steve (Minecraft) Stand (Jojo). Get overpowered by using Minecraft Mod, travel through different worlds, anime or movies. And also, because he's Chinese, he likes to make fun of... Black people, Hitler, Japanese Nuclear Bomb, etc. you name it, he dare make fun of it. Like all Chinese FanFic, this fic loves to make tons of Jokes that are unhinged and not "popular" to western people. = Worlds: Minecraft -> Marvel -> X-Men -> Naruto -> Bleach -> Jojo -> Chainsaw Man -> One Punch Man = This is TRANSLATION! (AND ALL MY WORKS ARE TRANSLATION) Support me Financially Here: Patreon.com/Bleam — 100 Chapters in Advance in Patreon.

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In the heart of Jiangcheng District, on planet Earth.

Fang Mo strolled along the sun-soaked street, clutching his little sister's hand.

Noon had arrived, and the summer sun blazed overhead, casting a brilliant light that distorted the air. Fang Mo endured the scorching heat in silence, his body drenched in perspiration, oblivious to the rivulets streaming down his face.

Even the stray dogs traversing the road appeared wilted, their fur resembling singed remnants, exuding an air of listlessness and despondency.

However, unlike the restless adults and dogs, young Fang Xin remained undaunted by the sultry weather. On the contrary, she skipped and danced with unabashed joy, humming a cheerful nursery rhyme.

"Ah, the vigor of youth," Fang Mo mused, stifling a lazy yawn. "I'm getting old, after all I Can't stay awake past 10 a.m. even after an all-nighter."

For Fang Mo, a self-professed "Otaku," staying up throughout the night to binge-watch shows or indulge in gaming had become a routine.

Unfortunately, his body, which had weathered many years of toil, could no longer match the resilience of his younger self.

Observing Fang Xin reveling in the bliss of her summer vacation, Fang Mo, as her older brother, couldn't help but feel a pang of nostalgia. There was a time when he could embark on a marathon mining session in Minecraft, delving deep into the blocky world for four days and three nights, no sleep.

But now, under the weight of the capitalist system's exploitation, the gaming skills he had honed during his youth had been drained by the demands of overtime work. 

That's why he seized every opportunity to immerse himself in games during his breaks. Consequently, his persistent dark circles had stubbornly clung to his visage for a solid three years. Even at the office, he had become the target of jests, earning the moniker "Panda Manager" from his amused colleagues.

"I love you? You love me. Mixue Ice cream and Tea."

Just as these ruminations swirled in Fang Mo's mind, a captivating jingle abruptly erupted from across the street, emanating from an ice cream parlor.

"Brother, I want to eat ice cream."

Fang Xin, being the child she was, perked up upon hearing the jingle. She looked up at Fang Mo, her large round eyes blinking, and adopted a pitiful and obedient expression. "Brother, can you give me two dollars, please?"

"You little foodie."

Fang Mo smiled indulgently and took Fang Xin's hand, heading toward the ice cream shop across the street. "Let's go, big brother will treat you."


Fang Xin raised her tiny fist and cheered, brimming with excitement.

With laughter accompanying their every step, the two of them merrily crossed the sidewalk, ready to indulge in ice cream.

However, at that very moment, a blaring honk erupted nearby. Fang Mo turned his head and spotted a grimy truck hurtling toward them at full speed, blatantly disregarding the red light at the intersection.

Fang Xin stood frozen in place, her face contorted with fear.

Fang Mo's heart skipped a beat as he instinctively moved to pull Fang Xin to safety. Yet, the consequences of years spent staying up late and pushing his limits suddenly took hold. A sharp, wrenching pain surged through his chest, rendering him immobile in an instant.

"Oh... no."

Witnessing the muddy truck rapidly closing in, Fang Mo clenched his teeth and summoned every ounce of strength left within him to shove Fang Xin out of harm's way.

With screeching brakes and a sickening thud, the street was drenched in crimson.

Fang Mo lay sprawled on the ground, his head spinning, and his lower body numb. He could barely register the warmth and stickiness seeping from his abdomen.


Fang Xin's cries pierced through Fang Mo's ears, filled with anguish.

Struggling to open his eyes, Fang Mo beheld Fang Xin's tear-streaked face and a gruesome mound of mangled flesh, torn clothing, and shattered bones not far away. Just moments ago, that torn fabric had been a complete pair of jeans.

"Am I... going to die?"

In that moment, a peculiar calm washed over Fang Mo as he faced the grim reality before him. Dying at such a young age would spare him years of struggle and hardships. He couldn't help but entertain the thought that his colleagues might envy him. However, dying without a whole body... that would be a truly pitiable fate. He shuddered at the prospect of how his grieving parents would handle his remains. Surely they wouldn't resort to disposing of him like some morbid compilation of accidents, right? Starting with the canines and ending with a shovel? 

[Loading... Complete: Body Digitization Successful.]


Fang Mo's surprise flickered across his face. He thought he had faintly heard a voice just now, but with Fang Xin's heartbreaking cries ringing in his ears, he couldn't quite discern the message. Perhaps it was merely a passerby, captivated by the spectacle of his current state—an intriguing subject for a curious short video. Maybe he would become part of those accident compilation videos.

"Fang Xin, please stop crying..."

With that notion in mind, Fang Mo reached out and gently patted Fang Xin's back, despite her being a small child of negligible weight. However, with his body severed at the waist, the initial numbness had given way to a relentless pain. Even the slightest touch proved unbearable.

[Loading... Complete: Body Adjustment Complete, Pain Receptors Successfully Blocked.]

The incessant ringing sound that had plagued Fang Mo since earlier continued to grate on his already faltering consciousness. Thoughts became muddled, and his focus slipped away. A shroud of indescribable darkness began to consume his awareness. It was in this moment that Fang Mo truly comprehended the horror of death.

"So this is death?"

"I... I really don't want to die after all..."

[Loading... Complete: Game Mode Set to Survival Mode, Loss of All Items and Experience upon Death.]

"There's still so much food I haven't tasted..."

[Loading... Complete: Unlocked Pam's HarvestCraft Module.]

"There are still so many places I haven't seen..."

[Loading... Complete: Unlocked Biomes O' Plenty Module.]

"Xin Xin, I'm sorry I won't be able to accompany you anymore. If Mom and Dad don't come, use the map to find your way back home..."

[Loading... Complete: Unlocked Mini-Map Module.]

"It's those damn capitalists' fault for exploiting me. I could have avoided this. It's their overwork that caused my chest pain. Those capitalists... It would be too good for them to hang from lampposts. If I ever get the chance, I'd personally take a knife and slay those vampires..."

[Loading... Complete: Unlocked Avaritia Module.]

Fang Mo lay on the ground, his eyes gradually losing their light, while Fang Xin's wails grew more distant. He had intended to make a joke with Fang Xin, saying, "Don't Stop—" but before the words could escape his lips, his consciousness descended into an abyss of darkness. 

Only darkness remained, devouring everything that Fang Mo had once been.


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