Reborn with Steve Stand

This FanFic Novel is about a Chinese Guy from Earth who died, transmigrated, and awakened with Steve (Minecraft) Stand (Jojo). Get overpowered by using Minecraft Mod, travel through different worlds, anime or movies. And also, because he's Chinese, he likes to make fun of... Black people, Hitler, Japanese Nuclear Bomb, etc. you name it, he dare make fun of it. Like all Chinese FanFic, this fic loves to make tons of Jokes that are unhinged and not "popular" to western people. = Worlds: Minecraft -> Marvel -> X-Men -> Naruto -> Bleach -> Jojo -> Chainsaw Man -> One Punch Man = This is TRANSLATION! (AND ALL MY WORKS ARE TRANSLATION) Support me Financially Here: Patreon.com/Bleam — 100 Chapters in Advance in Patreon.

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Chapter 5

Translator's Note:

Before we delve into the chapter, I must acknowledge that if any of you find it challenging to comprehend, I share in your struggle. As a translator, I grapple with the complexities of the terminology and scientific concepts, be it real-world science or the fantastical science of Marvel. I humbly ask for your understanding and forgiveness for any inadequacies on my part.

I sincerely hope that you will not abandon this book and stop reading chapter midway. Your unwavering support for Bleam is immensely appreciated. Thank you.


Tony Stark's life took a drastic turn when he was ambushed during a routine military exercise and captured by terrorists. Confined to a dark cave, he discovered an electromagnet implanted in his chest, a lifesaving measure against bomb fragments.

Tormented by the relentless demands of the terrorists, Stark's hope dwindled. Then, a self-proclaimed Stand User named Fang Mo appeared, swiftly neutralizing the terrorists and offering Stark an escape route.

Caught between skepticism and desperation, Stark weighed his options. However, his immediate priority was to flee. Fang Mo assured him that the terrorists had been eliminated, granting Stark his freedom. Yet, Stark knew the risks posed by the electromagnet. A malfunction or short-circuit could prove fatal.

Survival required a new power source. With the assistance of Dr. Ho Yinsen, Stark began the process of extracting palladium from a pile of missiles—a vital step in creating his new energy supply.

Just as they were about to proceed, Fang Mo suddenly froze, distracted by an electronic notification that interrupted their progress.

[System Prompt: New Module Detected. Downloading…]

"New Module…?"

Fang Mo's curiosity was piqued by the appearance of the new module, prompting him to seek answers. However, the electronic sound remained unresponsive, serving solely as a system-generated notification without any interactive capabilities.

Perplexed, Stark paused his work with the crucible and turned his attention to Fang Mo's inquiry. "Are you talking to me?" he asked, visibly confused.

"In a sense," Fang Mo replied, approaching Stark with a hint of suspicion. Sensing a possible connection between Stark's activities and the new module, he asked directly, "What are you working on?"

"I'm melting these palladium metals," Stark explained as he positioned the crucible over the fire. "I need to cast a palladium ring for a small-scale reactor."

Fang Mo's mind was suddenly flooded with memories of accidentally handling a Uranium-235 pellet while experimenting with the Industrial Mod, which resulted in debilitating radiation effects. Almost instinctively, he blurted out, "Wow... Are you planning to share some radiation enjoyment?"

Stark was taken aback by the unexpected remark. "What did you say?"

At that moment, Dr. Ho Yinsen approached, holding a sand casting mold he had just finished making. "What's going on? I thought I heard you discussing something."

"Fang Mo, please don't distract us with your comments," Stark said, dismissing Fang Mo's playful remarks.

Dr. Ho Yinsen turned to Stark, seeking clarification. "What exactly are you heating?"

Stark, unfazed by Fang Mo's banter, explained, "I'm heating an authentic Tritium Dish. I plan to create a small arc generator. It's completely safe. My company already has a larger one. Dr. Ho Yinsen, your hands are steady. Come and help me cast the palladium ring."

Fang Mo couldn't resist continuing his radiation-themed jest. "After solving the puzzle of filling the entire cave, defeating all the terrorists single-handedly wasn't enough. Dr. Ho Yinsen lit a candle, but the shadows remained. It was only when the brilliant Stark used palladium to construct a small-scale reactor coil that the cave became filled with radiation."

"Palladium is not radioactive. It's just a heavy metal," Dr. Ho Yinsen interjected, correcting the misunderstanding.

Stark, growing slightly exasperated, countered, "The reactor I want to build doesn't rely on nuclear energy. It harnesses the cold fusion capability of palladium, absorbing hydrogen isotopes. So, please refrain from speaking nonsense if you don't understand the science involved."

Fang Mo was taken aback by Stark's explanation. "But isn't palladium radioactive?"

"It's considered a radioactive element," Stark clarified, sighing and showing signs of frustration. "Look, I don't want to explain all the scientific details to you anymore. It seems you don't even understand the difference between electromagnetic radiation and ionizing radiation. Dr. Ho Yinsen, please come and help me with the coil..."

Without fully comprehending the technicalities, Dr. Ho Yinsen didn't dwell on the matter. When Stark called for his assistance, he promptly joined in.

Using tongs, Dr. Ho Yinsen carefully held the scorching crucible and began pouring the molten palladium into the sand casting mold.

As the blazing liquid metal filled the mold, Fang Mo's attention was drawn to another electronic notification sound.

[System Prompt: 'Melting' and 'Casting' actions. You have obtained permission to download a new module.]

[System Prompt: Tinker Construct module download initiated...]

Surprised by the notification, Fang Mo's eyes widened in realization.

He finally understood that his integration pack had the capability to receive additional modules. Ever since the introduction of the Chinese Translation Modules, he had speculated about this possibility. Now, it seemed his speculation was correct. Although he wasn't sure how to trigger the ability to add modules, it was undoubtedly a positive development. If he could find a module like 'Return Home,' he might be able to return to the Minecraft world.

The thought filled Fang Mo with excitement.

Meanwhile, Stark had completed the casting of the palladium ring, but there was still a long way to go before completing the entire reactor.

During this time, Fang Mo made several unsuccessful attempts to add modules, silently repeating phrases like "I've seen Fullmetal Alchemist, I want an equivalent exchange module" in his mind. Realizing his efforts were in vain, he shifted his attention to studying the Lucky Block instead.

Compared to the complex process of adding modules, using the Lucky Block seemed much simpler. Fang Mo instructed Steve to right-click on the item, and in an instant, the Lucky Block vanished, replaced by a crystal-clear, razor-sharp blade.

"Hmm? What's this?"

With a single glance, Fang Mo immediately recognized the sword's origin.

It was the Glass Sword, a unique weapon from his favorite mod, the Twilight Forest Mod. This sword could only be obtained with a certain probability in the Aurora Palace of the Glacial Cavern.

The Glass Sword boasted an impressive 40 Attack Points, but its durability was a significant drawback, with only 1 point. While it was exceptionally sharp, it was equally fragile.

However, Fang Mo's focus wasn't solely on the sword.

"Could it be that the Lucky Block has the ability to draw items from all mods?" Fang Mo pondered, stroking his chin. "Even though I haven't loaded the Twilight Forest mod, I managed to obtain the Glass Sword. It's fascinating."

If the Lucky Block truly had the ability to draw items from all mods, its power would be extraordinary.

Minecraft had an extensive library of mods, offering a vast range of capabilities, from infinite multiplication with the Bacteria mod to destructive bombs and world-flooding hot spring machines. The potential rewards were boundless.

However, as the Lucky Block was provided by the system, Fang Mo remained uncertain about its criteria for judgment.

Would it continually grant new rewards each time he ran a different mod? Or was it a one-time reward that would leave him empty-handed once claimed?

To address Fang Mo's speculation, a sudden burst of electronic sound resonated in his mind.

[System Prompt: Tinker Construct module download complete. Load it?]

"Oh, this..."

Fang Mo was momentarily taken aback but quickly agreed, saying, "Load it immediately."

[System Prompt: Tinker Construct module loaded successfully.]

[System Prompt: By downloading and activating a new module, you have obtained a Lucky Block that randomly pulls an item from any known mod.]

Accompanied by a series of system prompts, a Lucky Block reappeared in Steve's backpack.


Fang Mo's excitement soared upon seeing the vibrant Lucky Block.

Filled with eager anticipation, Fang Mo wasted no time in instructing Steve to open the Lucky Block. As the block was activated, a brilliant white light flooded their surroundings, revealing a peculiar purple claw-like object now resting in Steve's hand.

Curiosity piqued, Fang Mo closely examined the newfound item. It was an Ender Hand, an unmistakable artifact from the Mutant Creatures mod. Familiar with its capabilities, Fang Mo recalled its various functions. Left-clicking allowed for direct monster attacks, right-clicking granted control over a floating block, and it could be thrown to strike enemies. However, the most astonishing feature was the SHIFT + right-click move, which bestowed upon the player the incredible power of teleportation.

"This... is truly an extraordinary stroke of luck." Fang Mo marveled at the purple claw nestled in Steve's hand, amazed by its unique properties.