Reborn into House of The Dragon: The Rise of Prince William Book

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Reborn into House of The Dragon: The Rise of Prince William


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{Exclusive novel for membership members.} ~90+ Chapters available on my Buy Me a Coffee~ ~Link for my Buy Me a Coffee page with the membership in my bio.~ [Notice: HOTD and all its characters don't belong to me. Except my original character.] In the world of House of the Dragon, the gods play a fickle game. They flip a coin, and with each flip, the fate of an entire dynasty is determined. And yet, when William was reborn as a Baratheon, it seemed that the gods themselves were unsure of which side the coin had landed on. Perhaps they were as curious as William himself to see how this new player would change the game of thrones. The story follows William, a man from our world who is given a new lease on life as a member of the Baratheon family in House of The Dragon. As William embarks on this new journey, he must learn to navigate the complex and dangerous world of politics in the court. However, his challenges do not end there, as he must also come to terms with his own newfound identity and abilities in a world where magic and power are of utmost importance. With dragons soaring overhead and magic crackling in the air, William must use all of his wit and skill to emerge victorious in the game of thrones.