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Our story follows a guy who is the Twin brother of Hayley Turns out he had already once lived before, After getting his memories and realizing his situations he gets a System. The Iron Man System Oh, And the world is also swarming with End Game Boses. ------ For those who want to support me, Here is the Link: https://discord.gg/nPRBd4MD ---------- Full disclaimer: I do not own the orignal Version of the TV shows and Movies I use as crossover material in this fanfiction, All of that belongs to there respective owner, I Am only responsible for the OC in my Fanfic and the unique events that play out due to it being crossover Worlds And if the Orignal Copyright holder wishes for me to remove there Work, I'll be happy to do so I would also like to thank ChatGPT or OpenAI as that has made the entire writing quality of this novel so much better, Credits to them for improving the writing quality at around Ch 76 to 128. ----- This Fanfiction Contains supernatural elements and diffrent shows as well as movies, Currently one such show that is shown in the world is Wednesday, But there are more shows or movies to be found in this world such as the new Arc of Transformers

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Chapter 138 James Must Die?!

In a distant realm, far removed from James and the Transformers, lay a vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Beyond it, if one were to venture northward into the heart of Africa, they would eventually find themselves in the legendary city renowned worldwide for its ancient civilization shrouded in enigma: Egypt, the land of pyramids.

Perched atop the tallest pyramid, the illustrious Pyramid of Giza, a peculiar being stood apart from the rest. Its human-like body, devoid of an upper half, was adorned with a simple cloth covering its lower extremities. Its head took on a curved shape, resembling a jackal merged with a dog, with tall square-topped ears that lent an air of regality. An erect, arrow-like tail occasionally wiggled behind it.

With hands clasped behind its back, the being gazed upon the vast landscape teeming with historical significance. Serene silence enveloped its surroundings as its yellow eyes absorbed the magnitude of history that lay before it. From this vantage point, the world appeared distant, almost detached from reality itself.

A gentle breeze whispered through the air, its soft caress a gentle reminder of the passage of time. It danced around the corners and crevices of the pyramid, creating a symphony of subtle sounds that echoed through the air. This harmonious melody, tinged with a sense of timelessness, complemented the being's contemplation of the great ancient pyramids and sphinxes that dotted the landscape.

However, this symphony of sound was abruptly disrupted by a silent but frenetic stirring of sand particles behind the being. The sand swirled and clashed, forming a miniature tornado before settling down, revealing the presence of a familiar figure—the Frog—staring intently at the being.

In a deep, resonating voice that echoed through the surroundings, the being inquired, "Have you discovered what the boy possesses?" Its mouth barely moved, yet the words reverberated as if spoken through a powerful speaker.

Unfazed by this display, the Frog met the being's gaze, its expression devoid of discernible emotions, and replied, "God of Chaos Set, the boy's arm is imbued with potent Totenkbrau energy, much like the energy that courses through our own beings."

Set's eyes narrowed briefly as they studied the Frog's body before speaking again, "So, what you're suggesting is that he, specifically his arm, possesses the abilities and curses inherent in us Totenkbraus?"

"It's difficult to say," the frog responded in a hushed tone, unable to exhibit its usual sinister demeanor.

Set shifted its gaze away from the Frog, fixating on the expansive gray expanse of sand. Its mouth opened effortlessly, and its voice, akin to a resonant speaker, filled the air once more.

"The boy has slain a Totenkbrau, and for that, he must die," Set declared, his anger welling up within him, his aura radiating an immense weight comparable to a planet-sized boulder crashing down upon its surroundings, including the Frog.

At the apex of the Pyramid of Giza, the bricks shifted ever so slightly, their positions unsettled, a few cracks forming at the corners. Wide-eyed, the Frog felt as if its eyes might pop out of its skull while its body compressed against the floor. It struggled against the force, but its efforts proved futile. Trapped within the immense pressure, escape seemed impossible, and its fate flashed before its eyes.

Realizing the impending demise of the Frog, Set abruptly withdrew his aura, causing the pressure to vanish as though it had never been. Gazing down upon the frog, Set bared his sharp teeth, asserting, "You should slow down, Drago, or that bothers

ome Shoggoth concealed within the military will reach him first. He is mine." His voice left no room for negotiation.

The Frog bowed as best it could before transforming into sand, dissipating swiftly in the wind. Serene silence returned to the pyramid as Set resumed his gaze upon the panoramic view, reminiscing with a sense of nostalgia, in stark contrast to his title and the raw power he had just displayed.

Meanwhile, in the United States Security Head Office, a sprawling complex spanning six floors, a blond-haired woman with an Australian accent could be seen clandestinely downloading files onto a hidden hard drive concealed within her makeup kit. She knew there was only one hacker in the world capable of breaching the military database with such sophistication.

Previously, she had attempted to explain to the head of United States security how this hack was executed by a supercomputer that was technologically advanced by three decades, and how the coding language used was in constant evolution. However, her pleas were dismissed, and she was promptly escorted out. Determined to take matters into her own hands, she discreetly pocketed the handheld makeup kit and made her way out of the building.

Meanwhile, Jarvis, on the other side of the world, had just cracked the code. "Sir, the Transformer was searching for data on Sector 7, Captain Archibald's files, the Iceman project, and footage related to the recent attack on the Qatar Base. Although it failed to locate the videos, it did manage to obtain a picture taken from a soldier's body camera. I had assumed I had swiftly deleted the image when it entered the database, but it seems I was not quick enough, sir. I apologize."

"Ah ha" James said as he stopped his hands that were constantly moving on the holographic screen.

"I knew something would have changed, although its unfortunate they know what I technically look like, they were bound to find out anyways" James thought aloud to himself.

But James didnt bother giving it a second thought as he instantly got back to designing The SES Serum a Mix of Super Soilder and Extermis.