2 2)_ reborn

if you believe in nothing

And stand for nothing

You'll became and achieve

Nothing "

~Edogawa Conan ~



Where am I ?

This is the first question that came to my mind after i regained conscious .

Then memorise of me dying ruched to my minds , I died right ? Then why am I here ? And where is this place ???.

it's warm but it's dark , no way is this the afterlife so it's just a dark void ? So

I will stay here forever I don't want to it's so boring ...why me why??? I didn't manage to finish my favourite animes ow why ?? 😭And for sure yuni will kill me because I died 😨 ...

Ohh wait I already died so she can't . maybe she will cry also the kids in the orphanage I promise them that I would play with them next week .

Well that can't be helped . so now i 'm in this dark void nothing to do just talking to myself like an idiot .... If I stay her a longer time i'm sure I will became crazy . well I already am one .* sigh* I want to get out of here.

" ahhh" a voice screamed .

Who's screamed just now ? I'm not hallucating . am I?.

Oh wait i'm sliding out ? What's happening here? .

I heard a baby crying . 'huh who is crying ?'

I try to open my eyes but it's too bright .

After my eyes adjusted to my surroundings I looked up .

Two giant are looking at me .

I stared back .

I gasped .

They smiled .

' no please no don't eat me I don't want to die so young ... Oh right I already died ..... That's not important now .....please don't eat me ... Wait they look familiar somehow ' I thought.

" look Mori aren't they cute our little babies ." the giant women said.

' huh babies ? '

" indeed they are kisaki , so how we gona name them ? " the male giant said .

" hmm I was thinking of Ran and Rin how is it ? " kisaki I suppose, said to the male giant I guess his name is mori.

" beautiful names , ran and rin , our lovely daughters " he broke into a smile .

Oh my god what happened just now .

no way do you think what i 'm thinking ?? .... I try to move but i was beyond shoked this isn't my body i shrunk , I become a baby ... I reincarnated....

Just like those fanfiction I read before this is unbelievable well more likely impossible so my name now is rin i didn't catch up the last name thought i must get used to it now .

so this two are my new parents a ohh i also have a twin sister i didn't get a chance to have a sibiling before yay I have a sister thought I want to know if i 'm the older one or not hmm I will find later .

hmm to tell you the truth I don't remember my past parents they left me in an early age after all and I don't have a photo of them wired right I know .

but wait these two look familiar hmmm Mori and kisaki.πŸ˜•





No way!!!! They are mori and kisaki from detective Conan ran's parents .

Did I reborn in DC ??? This is awsome !!!it's the best thing happen to me .

But This is really shocking there is so much information to absorbe I think my mind will explode soon .

* yawn* well now I 'm tired I think I will think about it another time , then I drift to sleep .


Author ~chan: hello Mina San ,how is it so far ?? Well I hope you like it . and I would apologize for the mistakes I comited while writing .


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