69 Chapter 69

It's been two days since the Astraea familia came to visit, and I was delighted by the improvements in the city of Orario. The merchants flooding in from the outskirts have managed to maintain a sense of life and vibrancy within the walls, despite the damage done by the Evilus. Today, I've decided to take Bahamut, my goddess, on a date to enjoy the recovering city.

As we walk hand in hand through the bustling streets, her silver hair catches the sunlight and I couldn't help but admire the way it cascades over her shoulders. The warmth of her hand in mine reassures me that the bond we share is more substantial than anything I could have ever imagined.

It seems only right to show her all the new sights and experiences the city has to offer, so we venture off to explore the city.

Our first stop is a small, quaint restaurant hidden amongst the ever-growing, bustling shops. I wanted to take Bahamut to a place where we could dine intimately, away from the prying eyes of the city. The dimly lit interior, with its flickering candles and intricate artwork, creates a warm and romantic atmosphere.

As we took our seats, Bahamut graced me with her radiant smile, which always seems to put me at ease. "I never thought I'd ever have a date quite like this, Draco," she admits, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks.

As our drinks arrive and we clink our glasses together, I take a moment to relish her company. Our conversations flowed smoothly as always, as we talk about anything and everything, making us feel as if the world around us remains still as we enjoy each other's presence.

As we finished our meals and the waiter places our dessert on the table, I reach across and hold her hand, declaring softly, "I'm simply grateful to be here with you like this, Bahamut."

After leaving the restaurant, we continued our leisurely stroll through the lively streets, stopping at charming shops and stalls along the way. Our next stop was a small store with a selection of mouth watering treats. "Oh, these look divine!" Bahamut exclaimed , her silver eyes shining with delight.

We stepped inside and were immediately greeted by the aroma of freshly baked pastries. The lady at the counter, a kind, plump woman with rosy cheeks, greeted us enthusiastically and offered samples of her latest creations. We eagerly indulged ourselves in a few delectable cakes before continuing our journey.

As we wandered further down the streets, we stumbled upon a flower stall overflowing with brightly coloured bouquets and fragrant bunches. Bahamut excitedly examined each one closely, and when her gaze fell upon a bouquet of stunning crimson roses, I could see the adoration in her eyes. Reaching over, I grab the bouquet with a playful grin and hand it to Bahamut. "For my beautiful goddess," I say, somehow managing to mask my embarrassment.

Bahamut's eyes tear up as she clutches the bouquet to her chest, truly touched by the gesture. "Thank you, Draco. This is the most lovely gift I've ever received." Her sincerity warmed my heart, and I gently pull her into a hug, inhaling the sweet scent of roses.

"Most gods usually think I am a brute" She added.

"Hey you're my lovely little dragon. Don't mind them" I replied.

As evening approached and the sky turns from a deep blue to hues of pink, we found ourselves standing on top of hill at the city's outskirts.

In the distance we can see the sun setting, painting a beautiful array of colours across the horizon. We took in the majestic view, and I felt as if our bond was unbreakable in that moment. We shared a long deep kiss before separating and watched the sunset.

As we returned home from our date, the moon cast a soft glow upon the streets, perfectly capturing the essence of the romantic evening we'd spent together. There was an air of excitement and anticipation between us, unspoken yet undeniable.

Hand in hand, we walked towards our familia manor, the structure standing against the night sky. Bahamut, my goddess and partner, looked up at me with her beautiful eyes that shimmered like the stars above. She had a small stature, but make no mistake; she was far from fragile.

As we stepped inside our home, Bahamut didn't waste any time. Her slender hand tightened around mine, guiding me up the winding staircase to the third floor where her room resided. Tonight, it seemed, she had decided to take the next step in our relationship.

We reached her door, and she took a deep breath before pushing it open, revealing the space she called her own. The room was filled with soft shadows, dancing flickers of candlelight casting a warm golden hue over the walls adorned with intricate dragon motifs.

Bahamut closed the door behind us, her dragon's tail playing with the hem of her dress as she took my hand once again. "Draco," she whispered, her voice barely audible amid our pounding hearts, "I want to share this moment with you."

A gentle breeze streamed through the open window, teasing my tail that had remained hidden until now. I could feel the warmth of Bahamut's hand against my chest, her touch igniting a storm of emotions within me.

As Bahamut moved closer, every fiber of my being ached to solidify our connection, desire coursing through my veins like wildfire. "I want this, too," I admitted, my voice tremulous with yearning.

Our lips met in a fiery collision, the taste of her lips reminiscent of smouldering embers after a passionate storm. Bahamut leaned in, her body pressed against mine as we tasted each other's love without reservation.

With her delicate fingers tangled in my hair, she guided me towards her bed, a sea of satin sheets and soft pillows that seemed to glow in the divine light of the moon. Our clothes were shed behind us, remnants of our human facade left forgotten as we joined together as one.

Our love carved new paths into our very souls, written in the intertwining of our bodies in a display of insatiable passion and tender affection. With each surge of power we claimed from one another, our strength and stamina were replenished and emboldened.

As if in divine harmony, we shared whispered secrets in the sacred language only our hearts understood, the echoes of which rumbled through the heavens. The love we shared transcended the mortal plane and fused with the celestial essence in the moments that stretched between eternity.

The moon hung brightly in the sky, casting its silver light upon us as we lay entwined on the floor of Bahamut's chambers. The first round of our passionate encounter had left us both exhausted, yet strangely unsatisfied. A burning, possessive need continued to roar relentlessly within me, urging me to claim my goddess once more.

Bahamut's delicate form was sprawled beneath me; silver hair fanned out across the crumpled sheets, her silver eyes gazing up at me with intense longing.

Her sleek, petite body was adorned with an array of beautiful scales that shimmered beneath the moonlight. Our perspiring forms were like art, contrasting against one another - my black scales and her silver - fusing together like two otherworldly creatures transcending dimensionality.

The wind blew softly, carrying the sweet scent of blossoms through the balcony doors left ajar and our laboured breaths slowly quieted as we began to recover from our first bout.

Caught in a reverie, our eyes locked, unspoken words dancing between us. I knew, as if the thought was imprinted on our souls, that neither of us could resist delving into each other again.

Cupping her lovely face in my hands, I lowered my lips to whisper words of love against her ear. With each soft breath of my words, I felt her shiver in anticipation. I sealed my lips to hers, drowning us both in their lingering warmth, and began my descent into her - our bodies melting into each other with a rare, mesmerizing intensity.

Our entwined forms danced like celestial spectres bathed in the ethereal glow of the moonlit room, mirroring the rhythmic motion of the heavens themselves. Our passion grew, fuelled by the inexhaustible well of our draconic stamina; a force of nature that knew no bounds.

Hour upon hour, we lost ourselves in each other's embrace, exploring every tender touch and whispered word that ignited the fire within our souls. It was as if the whole universe ceased to exist, and there was only Bahamut and me, our love story written across the stars.

As the hours passed, I found myself fiercely gripping her silver-scaled hips, imprinting my love into her with fiery fervour. Her delicate nails dug into my back, a plea for more with each stroke that drove us both towards an unknown, indescribable edge.

Suddenly, as the first light of dawn began creeping into the room, an unexpected sound broke the rhythm of our heartbeats. Our heavy breaths stilled, and Bahamut's eyes widened as she looked past me, her body tensing beneath my weight. As she was brought to climax by the sudden intrusion. This caused me to almost release my essence within her but I managed to pull out. I wasn't ready to be a father yet after all.

Confused, I followed her gaze, only to find that her once-immaculate room was now a tangled mess of torn sheets and broken furniture, evidence of our unrestrained passion. Yet, that wasn't what had caused her alarm. There was some knocking on her door.

A/N: This was my first writing a sex scene. Hope it was ok. Felt like I should have been a bit more descriptive. Let me know what you all think??. So forgive me for I do not know what I do.

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