166 Drama Inside The Dungeon Entrance

I looked over at Adel, who seemed to have a worried expression on her face, and smiled: "Just in case. We do not know what to expect after all."

"Mmm…" Seeing Adel's worried expression grow deeper, I couldn't help but clench my fists. I did not wish to keep her out of the loop, but it was hard to explain. 

I took a deep breath and clapped my hands. "Alright, let's go!" 

We grouped together and stood on the spot that was marked on the ground before I touched the door. It seemed the area marked was the radius of the teleport area. Our views changed, and we found ourselves inside a large stone room. No cave or anything like that but a stone room. It was made of gray bricks that were half the size of me. The ceiling always went up so high that I could not see it. It was blocked by pure darkness. There were even stone pillars made of curved blocks that also rose up into the darkness above. As for the smell, well…. It was a little stale and had a strange scent. 


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