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An OC-insert into the Greek God of the Underworld in the Percy Jackson universe.

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Background Mythos:

Despite popular belief, Khaos wasn't some all-powerful creator God like every betrayed Percy Jackson fanfiction ever made; in fact, it was a form of energy that pre-dated the known universe, the source from which all beings belonging to the divine side of the world gain their power from. This is because it was the acts of the protogenoi(Primordial') bringing order to said Khaos that granted them their power.

For example, it was the coming of the existence of Nyx(Nox) who brought order to Khaos, becoming the embodiment of the night that began the Greco-Roman creation story; by making use of Khaos, Nyx created herself a husband named Erebus, who became the embodiment of darkness and Mist, also accredited as the forever expanding walls of the underworld and Tartarus, from their union, came their protogenoi children Hermera the Day(Dies), Aether the light(or the upper air that the Gods breath) and Akhlys the misery. Their Daimon children(beings that are said to be somewhere between immortals and mortals in power and usually embody feelings, environments, or concepts) included Thanatos, the reaper; Hypnos, the sleeper; Geras, the aging, Charon the guider; and Elpis. The Hopeful, as well as a couple of lesser daimons. And their Titanic and Godly children, Eris, the chaotic, and Nemesis, the vengeful

Separate from the line Nyx came the line of Ananke the Inevitable and Chronos the Eternal. And despite being the embodiments of some of the most potent and essential domains in the Greco-Roman pantheon, neither play a significant role in the mythos and have since remained dormant long before the fall of Ouranos and the rise of the Gods

Finally, we come to the most crucial line of the protogenoi, the line Gaea, the Earth Mother(Terra), the embodiment of the land all life springs from, and the accredited progenitor of the Olympians and Titans. Gaea sprung to life, separated from her fellow Protogenoi. Like her sister Nyx, she used Khaos to create her elder and only Protogenoi children: Ouranos, the sky father; ; Tartarus the Abyss; and Ourae, the Mountains. All three of Gaea's male children harbored romantic feelings for her, but it was Ouranos who earned the 'honor' of being her husband, and she proclaimed him King of the cosmos. The Hekatonkeires, the one hundred-handed ones, and the Elder Cyclopes(embodiments of Sea, Earth, and Sky) came from this union. Ouranos hated these misshapen and monstrous children and thus forced them into his brother Tartarus's domain; he then lay with Gaea again, this time producing the first generation of Titans; Oceanus, he who Girdles the world, Koios the thoughtful, Krios the Gazer, Hyperion, the Bright, Iapetus the Piercer, Theia the Splendor, Tethys the mother of waters, Themis the Lawful, Phoebe the Prophet, Mnemosyne the lady of Remembrance, Rhea the Mother and last but not least Kronos the Crooked One.

The combined efforts of the male elder Titans bar Oceanus, aided by Gaea's cunning, would see the fall of Ouranos. After the Skyfather's fall, aided by the jagged scythe created by Gaea, Kronos would become the undisputed King of the cosmos. They are ushering in a new age of immortals ruling from Mount Orthys, the seat of Ouranos' fall.

This age would be known as 'the golden age' and would bring a prosperous era for the immortals, creating a new assortment of deities:

From the line of Hyperion and Theia would come Eos the Dawn, Helios the Sun, and Selene the Moon. Before the modern age, Helios and Selene drove the celestial bodies via chariots across the sky, creating the day and night cycle. It is unknown whether they were Titanic beings or closer to the Protogenoi, acting more like the embodiments of the domains they inhabit rather than manipulators like Titan family members.

From the line of Iapetus and Kylmene(One of the many Oceanid children of Oceanus and Tethys and derives her name from fame) came Atlas He Who Endures, Menoetius the filled, Epimetheus the Thoughtless, and Prometheus Thoughtful. In Greek mythology, Atlas was made to endure the sky burden after the fall of the Titans. This would lead to him being accredited as the endurable due to his ability to hold the weight of a protogenoi; he is also responsible for fathering the Hesperides and Zoe Nightshade with the Sea Goddess Pleione. Epimetheus is seen as the opposite of his brother Prometheus, often making decisions without thinking ahead, constantly leading him into trouble, causing him to be seen as the Titan God of Afterthought. Epimetheus gave away all God's gifts to the animals during the creation of humanity, leaving nothing for humans. He led his brother Prometheus to steal the fire from Athena and Hephaestus's forge, causing him to be imprisoned by Zeus. Epimetheus later married Pandora and was one of the few beings to survive the end of the world by Poseidon's trident with his wife. 

From the line of Koios and Phoebe came Asteria the Dreamer, Leto, the protector of the young, and Lelantos, the Unseen hunter. Leto would go on to be 'seduced' by Zeus and give birth to Apollo and Artemis, who coincidently gain domains similar to their aunt and uncle. 

From the line of Krios and Eurybia(a minor Goddess believed to be a result of an affair between Pontus and Gaea, giving her a little mastery over the Sea) came Astraeus the Astrologist, Perses the destroyer, and Pallas the Warcraft. In one mythological version, Athena slays Pallas, choosing to bear his name as a medal of honor. 

One of the most prominent family lines are Oceanus and Tethys, who are titled the father and mother of waters for a reason: they would be responsible for parenting the Oceanids(daughters of the Ocean) and the Potamoi(the river Gods) the most important of these children being Styx the Oathkeeper, Metis the Counselor, Acheron the Punisher, Phlegethon the Restorer and Cocytus the Wailer. Oceanus and Tethys would also be responsible for being the grandparents of the Nereids(Minor Sea Goddess'), especially Amphitrite, the future wife of Poseidon and Queen of Atlantis

The last of the Elder Titan lines fall upon Kronos and Rhea; it is stated that Rhea was by far the most beautiful of the Titaness, baring a close resemblance to her mother, Gaea; her beauty was so great that Kronos disregarded the curse placed upon him by Ouranos and chose to marry her, this decision would prove to his downfall however as when Rhea gave birth to their first child Hestia the Hearth, she was far more powerful and beautiful then normal Titan children realizing he and his wife had created a new breed of immortal, fearing an uprising Kronos' devoured his daughter to avoid such a fate.

Rhea would bear Kronos five more children after Hestia: Demeter the Harvester, Hera the Queen of the Heavens, The Lord of the Dead, Poseidon the Sea King, and Zeus, God of Gods. All but Zeus would be devoured by Kronos', who would be ticked by Rhea with the aid of Gaea(who had grown sick of Kronos' Tyranny) using the Mist to make Kronos believe a rock was Zeus.

Gaea and Rhea would hide away from Zeus on Crete, where he would be raised by a nymph named Amalthea(Who he would later skin to create Aegis). He would learn to control his powers before, with the aid of Metis, Zeus tricked Kronos into throwing up his siblings, who would escape back to Crete and ferment rebellion.

Beginning by freeing the Hekatonkeires and Elder cyclopes from Tartarus by defeating the monstrous creature Kampe, a monster even the Titans feared, the Elder cyclopes Brontës would forge the big three, their symbols of power for Hades. They developed a helm made of Stygian iron that allowed him to blend into the shadows and invoke one of his greatest fears, giving Hades the title of the silent one; for Poseidon, the cyclopes used their powers over the Sea and earth to create a trident capable of generating earthquakes and summon storms giving him the title the earthshaker and Stormbringer. Finally, the cyclopes gave Zeus the master bolt, the most potent weapon in the cosmos forged using the cyclops's connection with Ouranos. The bolt gave Zeus the ability to control and manipulate Ouranos' lightning.

With the combined might of the Elder Gods as well as traitorous Titans such as Hecate, Helios, and Styx, as well as Oceanus' neutrality due to his granddaughter's marriage to Poseidon, the Titans were overthrown, with most of the Titans being cast into Tartarus. At the same time, Kronos was cut into pieces by his scythe by Zeus before having his essence scattered into Tartarus 'so he could never reform.' 

After destroying Orthys and forcing Atlas under the sky burden, the cyclopes erected grand palaces for each Elder God on Mount Olympus, from which the Olympians gained their name. The big three then divided the world, with Zeus gaining the Heavens, Poseidon the Sea, and Hades the Underworld. 

It was then a new age of immortals began, the age of the Gods, from which a new generation of Gods began;

Zeus had many(MANY!!!) children with multiple partners, his most notable being his immortal children Athena the Wise One (With Metis), Persephone the Dread Queen(With Demeter), Ares the War, Enyo the Bloodthirsty and Hebe the Innocent(With Hera). Artemis the Huntress and Apollo the Golden(With Leto). Hermes is the Messenger(With Maia), Clotho is the Birther, Lachesis is the Life Giver, and Atropos is the Death Bringer (With Themis).Dionysus the Mad God(Born from Semele).

Poseidon was a God quick to anger and rarely forgave, like Zeus, who saw the oaths made in marriage as worthless than the printed paper. However, unlike Zeus, Poseidon's immortal children were relatively unremarkable compared to their Olympian cousins. There was Triton, the Sea Messenger, as well as Kymopoleia, the Violent Storm(With his lawful wife Amphitrite), Arion, the fastest land being(With Demeter), Pegasus, the winged one, and Chrysaor, the Golden Sword(With Medusa).

Hades, unlike his younger brothers, was just dutiful and rarely if ever, left the confines of his marriage to Persephone; this led to him having a few immortal children they being Melinoe the Soulseeker, Makaria the Blesser of Death, and Zagreus the Dead God(Could be the Un-consenting child of Zeus).

The only Major child of any of Kroneid's daughters is Hephaestus the Forger, the imperfect child of Hera who was tossed from Olympus by the Queen of the Heavens due to his imperfections.

Aphrodite, the Lady of Doves, is the only member of the Olympian Council of Gods not directly connected to the Kroneid children. Instead, she was born from where Ourano's genitals were tossed into Thalassa, creating seafoam from which Aphrodite came. Aphrodite was the most beautiful being alive, taking the form of one's vision of beauty; when she arrived on Olympus, all the Gods fought for her hand. As the Goddess of Marriage, Hera influenced Zeus into marrying Aphrodite off to Hephaestus, believing this would quell the interest in Aphrodite. Instead, all it did was lead to an unhappy marriage with Aphrodite having multiple affairs with Gods and mortals alike; some of her immortal children are Eros, the Love bringer, Deimos the Dread, and Phobos, the Fear(With Ares). Tyche the Fortunate(With Hermes). Rhode the Island(With Poseidon).

Titans, to a lesser degree than the Gods, wield considerable strength when manipulating their domains. Still, for what they lack in control and raw power, they make up for in physical and metaphysical strength, with most of the elder Titans and Atlas being far more substantial than the average God with only more physically imposing deities like the big three, Ares and Herakles being capable of matching them. 

On the other hand, the Protogenoi eclipses both in strength and power; however, they are far more accountable to the Ancient laws and can be forced into deep slumber when forced from their domain.

Felt the need to include my version of the mythos, not only so when you see me mention something that didn't happen in PJO you know why. But also just as something I can reference instead of having to keep going to the Wiki or remembering of the top of my head.

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