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When Rio opened his eyes he found that he had been reborn as an extra in a novel, which he finished reading yesterday. Moreover, he has become a student of the same battle academy, where the main plot will happen. .... Looking at the protagonist playing with his harem, Rio shook his head and decided: "Yes, I will steal the protagonists chances, as for what will happen to the main plot? I don't care..." (Rio) Would you like to accompany Rio on his journey and find out where his selfish stealing activities will lead him? [NO HAREM, SELFISH MC, FAST-PACED, DIABETIC ROMANCE!] .... *The book cover doesn't belong to me if someone wants me to take it down please contact me directly.* My discord server link:- https://discord.com/invite/m87MTRraFD

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New Year(Part-1)- Start!

The central area of the New Year Festival.

A beautiful and calm river water moves slowly from the mountain behind the academy and then out to the city passing through this famous sightseeing spot.

Every year thousands of people visit this place during new year. There's an amazing firework's show during night and the lively and heartwarming atmosphere during the day.

Just like every year, today a huge crowd has appeared again to witness the beauty of this place and enjoy the firework's show. Since it's already around evening people have started to gather around the edge of the river and has started to prepare for the oncoming show.

But what they didn't knew was the fact that several disguised individuals have set up a death show for them today. Which can show them a death dance that they will not be able to forget.



Unaware of the oncoming disaster people are still busy with their routine. One such group is the group of a young boy and a girl.

The boy has Dark Red hair and Dark Red Eyes. Even his aura is so dense that's particularly screaming that this guy is dangerous. The passersby are subconsciously avoiding the person.

He is wearing clothes with golden linings on it, depicting that its really expensive. And any expert who knows a little about clothes can say that these are the limited-edition clothes well known for their extreme defensive capabilities.

And completely opposite the young man is a girl with short white hair and white pupils. She is also wearing an expensive dress colored in light blue. She has an exited expression on her face and coupled with her beauty she has the charm of a lively and cute girl.

"See! I told you, we should visit the festival, its so lively around here. What do you think Link?" (Riya)

"hmm, yeah its really lively around here." (Link)

Link looked around and found the place really annoying but he still did not show his dissatisfaction. He walked along with the with Riya without speaking much. But as if representing his direct opposite personality. Riya was speaking continuously; she is literally a huge chatterbox:

"See! That fish there! It looks so cute!" (Riya)

"See! There're so many people dancing there! What are they doing?" (Riya)

"Oh! What's that Link? Hey! Link you heard me! There that huge tower. Should we see it up close." (Riya)

"That's the machine which will be used for firework show. It's dangerous to go around it, only someone at Rank-B or above can use it safely." (Link)

"Eh! Then what is that person doing around there!?" (Riya)

Link looked towards the person Riya was pointing at, the person was wearing a worker staff's uniform and was doing something with the firework's machine.

"Maybe he is doing maintenance work." (Link)

"oh! Is that so!" (Riya)

Although Link did say that to satisfy Riya's curiosity but he still became a bit suspicious. Afterall the maintenance work is always done only before the day of the show which means there's no reason for someone to do something with the firework at the day of the show.

But since Link had not came with his guards today, he decided to let this matter off for now. He decided to ask about it later from his guardian. As for now, let's just pass time somehow.

Afterall these fireworks and shows are simply boring for him. The only thing worth mentioning is that Riya is accompanying him today. He didn't want to destroy this day due to just boredom. Instead the lively behavior of Riya is more entertaining to him.

'If only I was able to torture that guy Fade freely, it's a shame that Dad has restricted me from doing anything that damage reputation.' (Link)

'But those guys I sent, to beat Fade were all useless. Maybe I will have to beat him myself later, sigh~' (Link)

Just as Link was busy in his fantasies, Riya's voice awakes him to his senses again:

"Oh! Look! The show is starting, Link!" (Riya)

"Yeah, I am looking" (Link)

As the show was starting the crowd around them also started cheer loudly, the atmosphere was filled with the cheers and shouts of the people looking forward to their deaths. Thousands of people cheering for their oncoming death, it's ironic isn't it?

Just as the first firework was launched in the air, it directly rushed towards the crowd. The cheers suddenly died down seeing the fire mass coming towards the people. Before anyone could have responded the bomb touched the ground and exploded directly killing around twenty people in the surrounding.

Link suddenly sensed that something is very wrong here. He immediately decided to leave this place. But just before he could do so. The second bomb make its way directly towards their location.

Seeing that the situation was getting worse by every second. Link brought out his gloves and directly launched in the air.

[Dragon Arts: Intermediate punch!]

As if the bomb was as frail as an egg, Link burst through it. The bomb blasted in the air, causing no damage to civilians. Link landed down on the ground. Looking around he found that Riya was nowhere to be seen.

He jumped again and landed at a higher position to confirm Riya's location. It seems she was led by the panicked crowd towards the edge of the place and was struggling to move.

Just as Link was figuring out the way towards Riya, he found that several more of the bombs were fired but some of them were taken care by someone else and only a few of them were coming his way.

'Maybe someone is trying to help the civilians escape.' (Link)

Link Jumped towards the bombs and burst them one by one in mid-air. After solving this problem, he, then again jumped towards Riya.

Seeing him appear suddenly in front of her, Riya got surprised but also relaxed a bit. Link directly carried her in his arms and jumped out of the people's range towards a rather uncrowded area.

"You okay, Riya" (Link)

"Yeah, I am okay but you should help out the people, since you are so strong" (Riya)

Link knew that this girl is rather immature and have a great sense of justice in her. She always thinks more about others safety than herself. But only hesitates in carrying out her justice filled actions when it involves Link.

If Link said that he can't save everyone, she will not argue anymore. But since he has to figure out the situation he has to go for now.

"You sure, you will be safe here?" (Link)

"Yeah! I am very strong! I can protect myself" (Riya)

'She looks cute when pretending….' (Link)

Link shook his head and moved towards the oncoming bombs. He was getting curious, who was the one destroying so many bombs, afterall with his perception he is not able to sense anyone else higher or similar in rank with him.

But the matter of the fireworks takes the initiative. He immediately looked towards the firework machine. With his amazing senses he can see several individuals in black clothing standing around the machine.

He immediately sensed that these individuals are all atleast B-rank. But he didn't care. He has even tortured several peak B-rank individuals before, this is nothing new to him.

He directly launched towards the center of these people, directly ignoring the oncoming attacks and destroying all the mana bombs coming his way. If it was someone else, they would have been killed by the aftereffects of blasting these mana bombs but these lethal bombs seem to have no effect on his body.

He can literally destroy and resist a bomb with his body alone, this is the horror of the person with the potential to be a future SSS rank. His body defense is alone so strong that even three high-grade bombs which are capable of killing peak B-rankers instantly are ineffective on him.

[Dragon Arts: Fire aura!]

A dense blue flame appeared on Link's both hand and with a punch a huge fire explosion occurred destroying the machine and stopping the continuous bombing.

Seeing that their plan has failed the people in black became extremely angry and all eight of them launched towards Link together. But Link didn't care about them.

[Dragon Arts: Consecutive advanced punches!]

A rain of punch began and the heads started to explode instantly. Seeing this the individuals in black clothes started to panic and decided to flee the scene now. Afterall the academy's authorities must be on their way by now.

"Who allowed you to run!" (Link)

[Dragon Arts: Enhanced speed!]

Immediately, Links speed increased significantly and he started to rain punches and kicks even faster with increased lethality.

The fight continued for about three minutes and all the individuals were killed leaving only Link and one more person standing among a huge number of corpses.

Just as Link was going to blast this one last individual to death, he suddenly sensed a powerful individual coming towards him:

"Stop, don't kill him, otherwise I will kill this girl, a gruesome death!"

"Link! Don't worry about me!" (Riya)

Link looked behind him and found that an individual in same black clothes has caught Riya and a dagger is pointed around her neck. It is sure that she will die if nothing was done at time.

The individual is stronger than the previous ones. Even Link is not certain if he can win this one.

'This guy is definitely a peak A-rank. I can't deal with this alone.' (Link)

A B-rank and an A-rank have a huge difference in combat power. Not to mention a Peak A-rank individual have a huge vitality. Link is sure to escape safely but he can't defeat him, saving Riya will be even more of a difficult task.

"Okay, I will let him go, you leave her too." (Link)

"That won't do boy, you have to ask for forgiveness on your knees! You have killed so many of my men afterall."

"No! Link don't do that, don't worry about me!" (Riya)

"Do that and I may leave this fragile girl alive, hahahaha…hahaha…"


Author's Note:- The moment has come, our villain has entered the field. What do you want to happen now, make a choice and tell me in comments:

1. Riya dies (A tragic ending, maybe.)

2. Riya lives (Something new, something better for a villain, maybe.)

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