Rebirth to Become a Dominant Omega [BL]
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Rebirth to Become a Dominant Omega [BL]


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What is Rebirth to Become a Dominant Omega [BL]

Rebirth to Become a Dominant Omega [BL] is a popular web novel written by the author latteectrie, covering BL, REINCARNATION, TRANSMIGRATION, YAOI, SYSTEM, OMEGAVERSE, MPREG, ROMANCE, TRANSMIGATION, R18, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 673K readers with an average rating of 4.94/5 and 34 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 47 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Julien transmigrates into an ABO novel and becomes cannon fodder. In his last life, he was an actor. In this life, he is a rebellious second-generation dominant omega. Their first meeting - Dominant alfa: scheming Julien: only know how to eat and drink Thier third meeting - Julien: still ignoring everything around him Dominant alfa: "..." Thier X meeting - Dominant alfa: why don’t you come over and marry me? Julien: there is new wine I must tase, I'm so busy! WFP #27 - SYSTEM - BRONZE WINNER cover art belongs to the respective owner Join our discord server : https://discord.gg/drJYPHv9

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Hi everyone! This is the Author of this book giving a bias review to celebrate updating 10 chapters. Please do enjoy, and if you love it, support with a review of your own!


to be honest.i just found it when I was searching for something new......I am an bl fan.......and love to read it...the book is great....it's totally perfect with the lines of words and the chapters are awesome.....it's too good to read...I am getting hooked..... thankyou author for your hard work.....I hope you update soon... thank you again and have a good day......MASS RELEASE OF CHAPTER IS APPRECIATED...THANK YOU.......


I started reading this early last night and just finished this morning and I truly enjoy it and now I feel like two chap a week isn't enough i truly like Julien and I look forward to the coming chaps


I like how this is written. Its pretty good. Its rare to find good written stories also its ABO and BL. 😊 I recommend this very much. Its still new and the story has not fully progressed yet but I am looking forward to it.


When I first found this story to read I wasn't expecting much but I'm very glad to inform you that I was completely wrong! This story is amazing! I was instantly hooked! (I binge red the 38 chapters!) In my opinion, the only thing I'd add/change is the POV. I mean switch character POV's so the readers can see/read things from a different angle. Anyhow, I totally recommend this to read if you like ABO or BL!


The truth is that I have never done a review before. This is the first and it is because I could not contain myself. I really love history. It has its charm. Although it is omegaverse, you knew how to handle it so that it is not tedious. It is neither fast nor slow. His pace is comfortable. It hooks you. I am someone who likes ABO dynamics and it is very difficult to find a story like yours. I really love your story. Thanks for this novel. Here is a shy Hispanic speaker who dared to express her deep admiration for being the creator of this wonderful work. (I'm very sorry if my English is incomprehensible)


I really find this story exciting 🥰. So far its the best !! If you like omegaverse then you should probably read this story . Ml is really in love with Mc . But mc is really hard to get . He's really stupid when it comes to love . Mc doesn't really know what to do with Ml as the time passes he finds him self in some sort of relationship with Ml.


I didn't regret jumping into this book. It's very interesting and funny. Also I feel shivers everytime there's an intense scene. Good shivers by the way. Anyway. I loved it!


I love the MC and ML! Excited to see how the story progresses!![img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


it deserves five stars! so far i'm enjoying the story and i hope to read more exciting moments. I love the MC so much! he's my fave omega already! so rude, so baddass to the point that i want to hail him over and over again!


I came across this story and I love it so far!!! I cant wait to see how this further develops and if the MC and ML will have a beautiful relationship (hopefully wIth babies hehe). Love the omegaverse novels. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but It is mine hehe. Great job to fhe author!!👍


This is really well written, the author can give the readers the feeling that's happening in the novel and the world background in general is really good. The MC and the ML I really like them they're not the typical omega x alpha type I like how the story contain comedy and romance. can't wait how the story progress 💞


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Julian and his love for wine is out of this world😆...... Lucius and Julian are so cute together 😍... Julian is really funny and naive that he couldn’t understand that he is in love😁


Read this or regret it, I'm telling you go hit that add to library button and vote with a power stone! 100000% recommended especially to FUJODANSHIS like me HAHAHA


Reveal spoiler


I really like this book. It got me hooked very soon. I like the Mc a lot looking forward to more Character development. I don't usually go for Omegaverse but somehow i really like this story. Only things is i wish there were more chapters. Please work hard author🥰🥰


I liked how the protagonist's world was rebuilt from the ground up. It sort of leaves a feeling of what's it going to be like if one was to be younger again. That in itself captivates your readers' imagination. And oh.. the hilarious banter between Julien and System is such an entertaining spectacle! keep up the good work [img=recommend]


I love the novel and characters. The songs writed by Julian are precious, evoque real sentiments and enrich his character by making the reader about his own thoughts and history.


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