092: Changing views on Ni Yan, Elder Mrs. Mo's birthday banquet_3

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Li Xianxian looked at him, a bit aggrieved, "Baichuan, did I do anything wrong that made you angry? I can change, can you stop being angry, okay?"

Mo Baichuan's face was gloomy, "Get out of the car, don't make me repeat a third time."

Li Xianxian knew Mo Baichuan all too well, she knew that this was a sign that Mo Baichuan was about to lose his temper.

If she didn't get out of the car now, Mo Baichuan might even resort to physical force next.

She'd better get out first.

It was already really nice for her to be able to ride with Mo Baichuan today. After all, who in Beijing has ever sat in Mo Baichuan's passengers seat?

Big shots always have a bit of a temper, don't they?

Otherwise, how could they be called big shots?

As long as she was in Mo Baichuan's heart, it was okay for her to tolerate a bit of his temper.