Frail and sicky, Mom was not born in the pink of health. The Li parents thought of her as a burden and did not want to take care of her. Hence, Mom was abandoned. 

The Li parents were less than animals to ditch their own flesh and blood. Well, the Fu brothers were going to have none of it even if Mother wanted to see them. 

"Let's not talk about this. Tell me, did you see Cai Ni?" Mama Fu was happy at the mention of Cai Ni. "Did you send her my love?" 

"Ms. Cai Ni wasn't present at the awards." Fu Qingye was in a good mood at the rare sight of Mother being so cheerful. "I have a trip to China at the end of the year. I'll probably be going over for a week or so. I will definitely try and meet up with her to convey your love for her dress." 

Mother had cried every day ever since Father went missing. It had been a while since she showed interest in anyone or appeared happy because of a person. 


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