51 Up The Mountain Again (1)

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This time, they went as usual to the cavern where only a sliver of the sky could be seen. The traps they had set the last time were still there. All the traps had caught something, and Mo Beihan collected them along the way. Then he went to take a look at the area surrounding the cavern.

When they reached the cavern, Mo Beihan put his things down and said to Gu Qingyao, "I'll look around nearby. You stay around here as usual, understand?"

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Gu Qingyao smiled, "I know, this is not our first time here. I'll go over there to pick mushrooms. I won't wander too far."

Mo Beihan glanced at her and left.

The taste of the meat buns he had eaten that morning still lingered in his mouth. Mo Beihan was getting more and more suspicious of where Yao Yao was getting these meat buns?

They were just too similar to those he had eaten in his previous life.

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