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RE:Turn to God


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He finally can't take it anymore after the last clash with betrayer comrades, friends and lover. He finally reached his limit. When his death is nearing, a memories flashed to him. A memory of him died on Earth and transmigrated on Magical World, and he remembers his moment with conrades, friends, and lover. His handsome face subconsciously, warmly smiled with it carried coldness. His expression is mixed with feelings and he finally died with the smile on his handsome face. ... He thought that is the end of his life, when suddenly he feel a familiar and yet unfamiliar feeling. He opened his eyes wide and see his surrounding. He wakes up to see he is in bed covered in bedsheet. He looks around the room and see it look like Earth, everything to appliances and items all look from Earth. He got excited, however, when he look through windows, he dazed for a bit. There is two white moon, lighting the Earth, roof of the house and some building. "Wait, The Earth to where I come from has only one moon! why is two here? Is this a paralleled world?" He ask himself. ... "I transmigrated 2 times in 2 different world..." He sighed... 'But this time I have a in life again, I will be careful to the people around me so I will not repeat the same mistake!' he though as swore to himself.


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