202 Dangerous beauties

Liam's mind spun. Time was tight and he needed to figure out the best way possible to act. But before deciding anything, he first needed to take a look at the condition inside the temple.

There was a huge hole in the wall a few feet ahead of him, so he walked over to that spot and peered inside while preparing to act if something unexpected happened.

Luckily, there weren't any guards on the other side to sense his presence and he was able to take a look inside.

The inside of the temple looked equally broken down and the walls were adorned with multiple torches. 

At the center of the temple, there was a circle of dark mages chanting something under their breath.

And in the middle of this, Liam finally caught sight of his sister and Shen Yue!

"There you are." He muttered, observing everything carefully. 

The two of them were tied to a structure like an altar and next to this altar was an extremely beautiful woman. 


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