1 Prologue

After finishing his daily run, Ikki Kurogane returned to his student dormitory room and found a beautiful half-naked girl inside.


Crimson hair that seemed to embody waves of blazing fire. Ruby pupils on a beautiful foreign face, opened wide in shock at the sudden intruder.

Unblemished limbs as white as fresh snow, clad in black lace.

Beautiful. Ikki couldn't think of another word to describe those features. Her beauty was like a painting of a goddess, evoking a solemness that left no room for wicked lust. She simply captured the eye.

But… but why was such a girl in his room!?

Maybe I came in the wrong one?

He thought so, but it was room #405 of the first student dormitory. The two-and-a-half by three-and-a-half-meters-wide dwelling with a bunk bed was undoubtedly Ikki's, so the person making the mistake was most likely this girl, but―


She leaked a small shriek from her cramped throat, and then he heard a deep breath being drawn.

Uh oh. If a girl screamed in this situation, accusations would surely fall on the guy.

"Please wait a minute! I understand what you want to say. It may have been an accident but I won't make excuses for what I clearly saw."

Ikki didn't try to blame anyone for this disaster. He could imagine the bitterness of being seen naked by a stranger. This was a situation that as a man, he ought to fix! So he said―

"That's why I'll take my clothes off too, and let's call it even."


And thus, a scream tore the morning silence and rose up to pierce the sky. That was the truth.

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