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Rain: K


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A boy who has no recollection of his past whatsoever finds himself waking up in an unknown location, unable to move. "Where is this place?" "Who am I?" It didn't take long before he started encountering bizarre creatures and people. Eventually, he realizes that this world is not the world he previously knew. A world dominated by forces that doesn't follow his usual common sense with strange new elements such as magic replacing it. How will he live in a world where all things seems to go against his favors? [AUTHOR'S NOTE: Remastered the entire thing because I didn't like the writing and the fast progress of the story] When reading: "Quotation marks are for dialogues" **Double Asterisks mean important to remember words, phrases, etc.** 'Apostrophes are either for flashbacks or emphasis' (Parenthesized words are for side comments) {Brackets are for onomatopoeia and sometimes, feelings and detailed actions}


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