Rags to Royal Book

novel - Fantasy

Rags to Royal


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A girl who was made to believe that she was born to bring havoc to the life of those she loves. A mom who died by bringing her into this world. A father who is slowly killing himself as a drunkard and who doesn't love her simply because she cause her mother's demise. She actually doesn't expect much in this life, but one thing is for sure and that is for her to live as long as she can no matter how wretched this world is. For her mom who sacrificed herself just so she could live. Then there's this boy who got everything one could ask for. Born with a golden spoon and a kingdom he will someday rule. He lacks nothing that can't be bought with gold. These two soul's fate will be entwined, hurdle every struggle in life with all their might. Hate will bind them and true love they will find. Their name will ring true in everyone's mind, etched in history for eons to come.