1 Beginning of the End

Heavy rain pours outside the dilapidated house, raging wind is trying to uproot everything on its path but nothing seems to bother everyone inside the small house. Elyse is trying with all her might to push but her child seems to cling even more inside her womb.

I can't take it anymore! Beads of sweat pours down her forehead.

You have to be strong if you want your child to be alive. Looking at the midwife's pleading eyes, she force down a smile amid the pain that she's feeling for over 10 hours now.

Silly babe, help mommy bring you out. The world outside is much more fabulous than the womb. You'll see. Come out now my precious and let your mom see you. She silently plead to her unborn child. As if the child seemingly heard it's mother's plea, it came out as Elyse used the last of her strength with that one forceful push.

Along with a flash of lightning, a bashful cry of a new born babe can seem to be heard despite the raging storm that brought the young man running inside the room and into the side of the exhausted mother.

I am glad it's finally over my sweet. Never again will you suffer like that, I swear by the gods.

Hush now, it is done my love. A wide smile was visible in the woman's pale face as she touch her husband's tear streak face.

You sure is the bravest woman I have ever met and I am glad that I have you. He kissed his wife's forehead as he cupped her hand in his.

It is a boy. The midwife laid the child beside his mother and both parents pour their loving gaze at the new born.

Lynnox will be his name from this night onwards, for he was born in the deep of the night while the lightning stuck. The father proudly said out loud.

Lynnox it is. The new mother concur to what her husband named their son. Welcome to the world our little Nox------ arghhh!!!! Without warning Elyse suddenly felt a stabbing pain inside her stomach as if cutting her slowly with the dullest of knife.

Panic stricken, Lyon her husband would have thrown the wee child if not for the midwife who grab the babe first.

With the speed due to long years of practice in this kind scenario, the midwife put the baby down and grab the young mother's had to assess what could have gone wrong.

I think there's still a baby inside. Elyse uttered with difficulty that shocked the young man and the midwife.

With a look of bewilderment she saw for herself a baby's crown slowly coming out. Impossible! I only felt one pulse during the mother's pregnancy. Even Lyon and Elyse was shocked by this, especially Elyse herself for she never felt that she was carrying twins! That was the last thing in her mind before she was pulled out as sharp pain engulfed her whole being. Face as pale as parchment, Lyon cannot help but gulp as he watch his beloved wife. Even the midwife is nervous for in the first child alone, Elyse almost lost a lot of blood already and her strength haven't comeback yet. We need to bring her to the hospital, the child and her won't survive if we continue it here.

Lyon eagerly nodded and was in the point of carrying his wife out of bed when he felt his wife's steel grip. Looking at Elyse as she shake her head, it puzzled him.

It is no use, she herself knew this. They don't have a penny for the hospital bill and with the storm outside it is impossible for them to reach the nearest hospital.

If we don't go now, it will be very dangerous for both the mother and the child. Even if it's impossible, the midwife urged them for without the proper equipment it will be perilous for the mother due to blood loss.

No amount of begging hinder Elyse's decision. She continues her dry labor for her other child. What's little strength left to her was depleted for that one final push. As the baby fully comes out, the whole house suddenly was engulfed with darkness and the howling of the wind as well as the heavy rain became silent. Lyon desperately search for a source of light but tried as he may, the wick of the candle won't burn.

Hurry up will you? I can't see a damn thing and I can't even hear the child cry! But no matter what Lyon do, and no matter how hard he uses the flint, it still won't spark!

A minute or so pass and the light flooded the small house. Still holding the immobile babe, the midwife pleadingly gaze at the young mother for as the light illuminates the drawn face of the young woman, she knew that what she have endured will snap the life out of her. With a labored breath, Elyse slowly opened her tired eyes. Let me hold the babe. Slowly, the midwife give the second born to its mother. Afraid that she may cause the mother to anguish and accelerate her deterioration because the babe never once cried. Weakly, the mom touch her baby's face and with a sob kiss the baby's cheek. Wake up my little Nyx you are in your mama's arms now.

The two other adults silently shed tears as they witness the sad scene. Lyon unable to take it anymore went to his wife's side while also holding one of the baby's little hand. Now kissing the child's face for the nth time, Elyse with the sliver of life left in her, poured it all and prayed to the gods to give her baby a life.

As if to answer her prayer, the little babe slowly opens its eyes and stared intently into its mother's eyes for the first time and smiled. With a sigh and a wide smile, Elyse tiredly closed her eyes.

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