Raging love : The office lovebirds Book

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Raging love : The office lovebirds


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“Beautiful" Tristan complimented Ariel's dress with a smirk “Thank you but I know what that smirk means" she said staring at him intently “You can't tell" “Oh yes I ca...." he seized her mouth with his not letting her complete her words “We have to leave for a party remember" she said pushing him away gently “We won't be punished if we are late right" he said smirking mischievously “What do we tell them if they ask us why we are late" “Easy, we were busy" Ariel a beautiful girl her beauty could make anyone fall for her she had the most beautiful eyes and skin white like snow her father had died in an accident when she was very young and her mother is alive but very sickly her life had started with so many difficulties she worked at a boutique to survive soon enough she starts working in Zhai enterprises soon enough the cold CEO of Zhai who is always aloof falls for her she managed to melt his heart but they are from two different worlds Will it last long?? will they be able to survive the twist and turns that surrounds their love ?? Find out. _________ *No rape* Mature content* Status: ongoing This is my first novel and I hope you love it guys(^^) Instagram: @Simply_tiana Facebook: @Tiana Williams Twitter: @Tiana Williams


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