1 1 Cold CEO

"What a hot day" said a girl probably in her early twenties she was wearing a high waist jean with a crop top and something flat under but it flaunted her beauty regardless, as she was coming out of an apartment which seems to be hers "Ariel!!!!" she turned back to look at who was calling her she turned to see her mom waving something at her, it was her bag "Oh I forgot thank you mom bye"

Ariel Johnson is a very beautiful girl she had round eyes, pointed nose, long hair and a perfect body shape she is from a town called Bahosa.Her father died in a car accident on her birthday this made her mother very depressed and she had high blood pressure they had no money to keep her medications going, so it got very severe she had to stay at home all day because she was not in a good condition to work. Ariel is the only daughter of her parents, she managed to take care of her and her mom by working in a boutique as a sales girl her profit was not so much but it was able to keep them going, the balance of work wasn't so good she spent most of her days working except some Sundays which was really rare she comes back home everyday to take care of her mother, she just came home from work "Mom how are you" Ariel said worriedly "Oh my dear you are back how was work today" her mother said weakly "Mom everything was fine have you eaten ?" She said with a sigh "I was just about to but I thought I should wait for you" she said trying to stand up "mom how many times do I have to tell you don't wait for me you know your how your health is" she said holding her mom's hands "Yes yes I know enough of the lectures let's go and eat now" she said chuckling lightly "hmm" Then they heard the the door bell ring it was her friend Blossom. Ariel and blossom are childhood friends they did everything together they never left each other sides even in bad times . Blossom's parent were not so rich but they had enough and were living fine she is very pretty with blue eyes, pointed nose, thin lips she wasn't very busty and she had nice curves, she came in with a wide smile that highlighted her features "Ariel!!!!" she screamed and gave her friend a tight hug "Ughh seriously we saw each other yesterday" Ariel said trying to free herself "I know but it feels like ages" she said with a pout, then she went inside "Mom it's been a while how are you feeling I hope Ariel isn't stressing you" she said immediately she saw Ariel's mom. Mrs Johnson nodded and said "no my dear she doesn't even try it because if she does you are there to spank her back to her senses"she said with a laugh "oh yes you k...." she said turning "That's okay" Ariel cut in "we were about to have dinner how about you join us"

"oh okay" No one talked through out the meal it was quiet immediately after the meal Ariel and blossom were washing the dishes then suddenly blossom asked "is mom getting any better?"

"Hmm I think she has gotten better than before"

"Let us have faith and keep praying for her"

"Oh well" she said while they were walking to the living room

"Ari I think I have to go now" she said while standing up "Tell aunt I said bye and lots of love"

"Bloss really I was so happy that you were here and now you're leaving"

"Ari you know I want to stay but my boss can never allow such he'll fire all of us" she said laughing

"Oh I forgot that your boss is the cold CEO of Zhai enterprises"

"And you know I just got in it won't be a good thing to get fired immediately" the both of them chuckled

"I agree"

"So how is work??" blossom asked sitting back down

"As tiring as ever"

"I told you to come to Zhai your potentials will be appreciated there you know"

"I know I know that's why I've been saving up in case they don't take me so I'll still have some money while searching for a job"

"That's perfect we are going to be work buddies" she said beaming

"Im going to resign from the boutique and get a better job it's quite stressful and hey do you plan on sleeping here?"

"You are really complicated you say you want me to stay and the next minute you want me to leave"

"Okay then stay so your boss can fire you she said grinning

"Oh my God I have to leave byee love you"

"Love you too"


Tristan Zhai is the CEO of Zhai enterprises which is a very big company all over the world, he came from a very wealthy and popular family. Tristan is a very handsome man that any girl could fall for he had the most perfect body and was always getting drooled on my most girls he had ocean blue eyes, long lashes and thin lips he was every girl's dream but there was one thing about him, he is a very strict and cold person "Why are these people not ready!!!!" he shouted at his PA"dont I pay you people to work!!!!"

"nn...o sir w..e were j..ust about to..." Leo said stammering "About to what uhhn answer me if this happens again I'm going to fire all of you!!!!" he said at the top of his voice while exiting the meeting

He drove straight to his ancestral home to see his parents, his house was a very extravagant one it was a sight to see he grew up in this same house it brought memories,"Tristan!!!" he heard a familiar voice call him, it was his mom "Tristan!!" she called again while walking towards him with the most beautiful smile plastered on her face. Tristan's mom is a pretty woman she was average in height and she didn't look to old "Mom I was about coming in to see you" he said coming towards his mother "My baby"

"Mom I remember telling you not to call me that I'm all grown up now you know"

"You are still my baby no matter what" she said tapping his nose"

"Where is dad??"

"He is inside waiting for you" they made their way into the house

"What a pleasant surprise" Mr Zhai said immediately he saw Tristan

"Dad!! it's been a while" he said walking towards his dad

"Oh yes you left us here so....."

"Come on dad you know it's all about work and I also try my best to visit you often"

"Dinner is ready" Tristan's mom spoke, they all went to eat dinner after the meal they all went to sit in the large living room "Tristan" His mom called him in the most endearing manner "Yes mom"

"Any progress yet"

" I don't get you mom" he said pretending even though he new where his mum was driving at "Dont act like you don't know, I mean any lucky girl yet"

"Mom I told if there happens to be any I'll let you know"

"My son we are not getting any younger we want to see you happy and also our grandkids"his father added

"Dad...Mom just give me little time and I'll sort things out I promise"

"If you say so then"

"Look at me the time as gone I think I have to start going now" Tristan said looking at his wrist watch

"Do you have to leave so soon"

"Yes mom I have to go to work and don't forget I love you both byee" he said while leaving kissing them both on the cheeks

"Bye" they said at the same time

Tristan's drive all the way home was though he kept on thinking about what his parents told him, he needed to do something and fast It was not that he was impotent or anything he was just so engrossed in work that he didn't have time for things like that he was strikingly handsome but he never took a second look at any woman but he decided to try. He stopped at the red light but he was so lost in thought that he didn't realize the green lights came on the honking of the cars snapped him out of his thoughts he quickly drove away. When he entered his house the maids greeted him as usual he just answered with a nod he went inside had his dinner and went to bed ,but he couldn't sleep at all his mind drifted back to what his parents told him earlier it's not his first time hearing but this time seemed different thinking of all of this he didn't know when he drifted to sleep


The next morning Ariel was ready to go to work she bade her mom goodbye and she took a taxi to her work place, as soon as she got there she alighted and payed the taxi, she saw a new girl who apparently just got employed

"Hi, just got employed" she said almost like a whisper

"Hmm yeah" immediately her phone started ringing "Sorry I need to take this"

"No problem" she walked away to change into her work uniform.

A few minutes later the new girl came in with a really worried expression, she was shaking witch was very strange Ariel went close to her "Are you okay??"

"uh ye..s it... wa..s just a call nothing to be worried about" she said with a dry chuckle


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