Quirks of the Soul (BL)

Boku no Hero Academia Fanfiction (BL/Yaoi/MalexMale) WARNINGS: Angst, Suicide Scare, Cutting. Something in Izuku's mind snaps when Kacchan flings the words "Make a leap of faith from the roof and believe with all your might that you will have a ‘Quirk’ in the next life" at him after he exploded his Hero notebook. It was the last push he needed to tip over the edge. Quirk!Izuku Pairing: Katsuki/Izuku ; BakuDeku Disclaimer: do not own the photo Discord: https://discord.gg/AzDQaDy

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UA Sports Festival

Izuku and Katsuki brought their new 'son' home with them.

Although Mitsuki was surprised, she didn't quite mind it either.

To put it bluntly, since her idiot son was dating Izuku, it wasn't like they would be able to have children in the future, so she had already mentally prepared herself to accept whoever they decided to adopt in the future. If they even did adopt in the first place.

Of course, Kurogiri's adoption had come much earlier than she'd anticipated, but other than being surprised at first, she adapted surprisingly well.

Other than being surprised at first, it helped that Kurogiri was polite and respectful to her, even if it did feel weird being called 'grandmother' by someone who was so much older than her son.

Meanwhile, Katsuki had taken Izuku up to their bedroom, sitting his boyfriend down.

"Izu, you have to keep your guard up," Katsuki said, not wanting his boyfriend to be caught unaware in the future.

Katsuki could tell that Izuku had already started forming a strong and deep connection with Kurogiri, whom Izuku had told him couldn't feel emotions on his own anymore after what someone had done to him.

The empathy that his boyfriend felt for their new 'son' was both alarming and concerning at the same time.

Katsuki still didn't quite know what to make of the ex-Villain, but he wasn't willing to risk Izuku's life on something that could be prevented by being a bit more careful.

Izuku nodded, and Katsuki was pleased to see that he was taking this seriously, even if he didn't look like he agreed.

Izuku talked it out with Kacchan calmly. The blond had listened to him seriously, and Izuku listened to his concerns as well, setting whatever feelings that they might have for Kurogiri and how they would treat him in the future.

Izuku wanted badly to believe that the ex-Villain would stay that way, and as long as he didn't show any signs of wanting to go back to that life, he would continue to treat Kurogiri as a close friend.


They couldn't leave Kurogiri at home with only Mitsuki there for company, so they brought him to school, leaving him in the hands of the few teachers that were free to bring to the research department.

Aizawa-sensei looked unharmed from their fight just the day before, if more tired than ever.

Izuku could already feel the blond's concern for their teacher through his Aura, causing Izuku to hide a smile.

"Sports festival!"

"That's totally ordinary!"

"Come on! We just had a Villain attack! Are you sure about this?"

The emotions within the classroom were a mix of concern and excitement, a direct contrast to their teacher's calm.

"It's necessary to demonstrate that UA's crisis management protocols are sound. Compared to past years, there'll be five times the police presence. Anyhow, our sports festival is the greatest opportunity you'll get. It's not an event that'll be cancelled over a few Villains."

There was a large spike of worry behind him, causing Izuku to turn around. Mineta was carrying a look of abject misery and worry, but since he wasn't saying anything, Izuku didn't think that it was his place to say anything to him.

"Our sports festival is one of Japan's biggest events! The Olympics were once the world's sports festival. The whole country will be whipped into a frenzy over them. But as you know, that tradition has shrunk in scale to a shell of its former self… As far as Japan is concerned, what's taken the place of the Olympics is the UA Sport's Festival!"

The UA Sports Festival was a chance for the UA students to show off and attract Japan's attention.

Not only the masses, the Pros would be watching as well to scout potential sidekicks after they graduated.

If they were picked, then they would be able to gain valuable experience and popularity with the masses. Since the UA Sports Festival was only held once a year, that meant that each student only ever had a total of three chances to make a name for themselves.

Izuku felt the upsurge of boiling excitement in the room at Aizawa-sensei's words, and Izuku was just as excited as they were. The chance to make a name for themselves was something that every student dreamed about the moment they wanted to become a Pro Hero.

The Auras in the room were affecting Izuku, but Izuku didn't try and distance himself from it, instead basking in the shared feelings that spread throughout the room.

It was a nice, warm feeling that caused him to feel like he was nurturing a small fire within his chest.

Kacchan turned around and grinned at him, and the burning fire inside Izuku spiked a notch, as if Kacchan's gaze was the oxygen that kept his fire alive.

Izuku was incomparably excited, and Kacchan's Aura told him the same.

The two of them would be having a lot of spars in the next few days until the time for the UA Sports Festival came.

Izuku told himself that he would not go easy on anyone, even if it was Kacchan that he faced.

"I won't go easy on you, Izu," Kacchan smirked.

Izuku grinned back at him. "Of course not. I want to beat you at your best, after all."

The grin on Kacchan's face increased a degree, and Kacchan stole a kiss from him in the middle of the classroom, shocking Izuku.

Izuku continued staring at the back of Kacchan's head blankly before he buried his face in his hands, grinning like a fool. Kacchan was so cute when he acted this way, unconcerned whether or not anyone saw their moments of affection.

It hadn't been too long ago where Kacchan would have recoiled at even being seen with Izuku in public. Every time Kacchan acted like this with him, Izuku felt like he could float off the ground from how light he felt inside.

Yet, even with the affection that they were mutually feeling, Izuku felt the determination within him burn even brighter.

He wouldn't lose to anyone. Not even Kacchan.

Then, if he won against Kacchan in the finals, he would confess his love to him in front of everyone to make sure that no one could steal Kacchan from him.