1 Teren Hark

Teren Hark, a seventeen years old student at Mershen High.

When the sun rose up, his alarm clock rang.


Monday morning. Normally, students hate this day and time. However, not Teren Hark a diligent student.

While another alarm clock was ringing loudly in his little sister's room, he went to take a bath, cooked breakfast for his younger sister and alcoholic mother, and...

"I'm out for school!"

"Yeah...! Goodluck!" his mother casually waved goodbye while sitting on a couch, watching television.

"What!? Did Big Bro leave me again!?"

Along with the quick footsteps, the little sister ran out of her room.

"It's because you're still asleep. Turn off your alarm, it's annoying."

"Then don't drink at night if you don't want a hangover!"

"What can I do!? Your father is cheating on me!" the mother suddenly cried.

"He didn't do such a thing! He's working abroad, you just want a reason to drink!"

"Hmph! Just get ready for school, you're going get late on your first day." the crocodile tears immediately dried as the mother said that.

"Oh no! I'm blaming you as an excuse for my tardiness!"


Teren Hark enjoyed his walk to the school. But as soon as he met other students on his path, his face turned neutral. The smile on his face vanished.

Mershen High, a Senior High School at Heren City. It's just your average private school, nothing to note about.

Students, teachers, air conditioners, clubs, a field, and hopefully, clean toilets, you can find it there.

It is situated far from downtown so students have to pass through many streets first, after the main road, depending on where they came from.

It's Teren's first day as a Senior High Student. He had a high hope that things will change in this school.

'I hope after the long summer vacation, some of my bullies back then forgot about me.'

But just as he said so, a tall man with messy hair wrapped his arm around Teren.

Teren's spirit drooped.

"Hello, Teren, I hope we can be classmates."

Teren only sighed in response which ticked the tall guy.

"You don't change, do you? Whatever, prepare your lunch money, I can still get it even if we're not classmates. Since Mark, the one who extorts you last year is gone, it's now mine, right?"

"..." Teren responded with silence.

"Mark and I aren't friends so I had no idea if he just quit school or went to another. But whatever, he has no friends anyway."

"It's not like you have one too." Teren left a sharp remark.

"Why you...!" the tall guy glared as he removed his arm, "You big talk for a loner. Prepare your lunch money or prepare your body for a beating when I caught you."

The tall guy then left.

'I guess I have to make this one quick.' Teren thought.

But soon, the down-spirited him spotted a girl that everyone was looking at.

'That's Iesa Hun... I thought she's going to a more prestigious school.' Teren blushed as he looked at the graceful girl walking in the middle of the crowd's attention.

'Not only is she beautiful but she's also the smartest in school. I'm not going to lie, I really like her but she's too far for me to reach.'

He shook his head with a smile.

After searching for his class, Teren Hark found himself in Class 1 Section 2, a classmate of Iesa Hun. He saw the names on the paper and felt -

'Lucky...' he inconspicuously grinned. He then entered the class and a chair at the edge of the class, next to the window.

Meren High is split into two, Junior High and Senior High. Junior High has four years while the latter has two.

So the students from Meren Junior High would likely go to its senior counterpart. This is why a large percentage of students know each other.

On the first day of school, groups have already formed.

'After four years, I still have no friends...' Teren wanted to cry as he looked at all the groups happy to see each other again.

'My only chance is the transfer students.' he looked around and found a problem.

'I forgot who are my classmates before so... I may mistake them for transferees. Man, that would be embarrassing.'

At that moment, the tall guy from earlier sat on his desk.

'... unlucky...' Teren sighed.

"Hello, shit. We're classmates, huh..."


"Hello? Did you forget my name? It's me, Nick, the one who will spend your lunch money late-"

Nick froze when a girl sat beside Teren.

Seeing who this girl is, Teren's eyes widened.


It was Iesa Hun.

'Why would Iesa sit beside this dork...?' Nick looked around and saw that groups of friends have already sat beside each other.

'Oh, it's just because there's no more available seat. That almost worried me that this dork mysteriously charmed Iesa.'

"What are you doing sitting on someone's desk?"

Suddenly, Iesa spoke as she looked at Nick in the eyes.

"The teacher is about to arrive." she continued.

"Ah... right..." Nick sweated and blushed a little before looking around to find that the seat in front of Teren is the only one empty.

Class begun.

'Dreamy... I guess school wouldn't be so bad.' Teren cheerfully smiled.

When the teacher came in, he immediately announced.

"Okay, stand up, let's fix your seating arrangement first." which attracted a lot of groans.

'I already hate our teacher...' Teren thought.

But in the end, the teacher didn't change the seats that much. He just alternated boys and girls.

"I hope you won't be noisy with that arrangement."

Teren sighed in relief. Furthermore, the person in front of him is a girl. That girl then turned around and sweetly smiled.

"Hello, Teren, I hope we have a good school year together again."

'That cute twin tails and kind smile... a-hah! She's the class president!'

"To you too, class president." he replied.

"Hahaha, I'm not the class president anymore, Teren."

"Now, let's appoint class officials. Is there anyone you want to nominate as a class president." the teacher said which attracted a lot of hand raises.

The teacher randomly picked which girl stood up and announced.

"I nominate Lina as the class president."

"I vote for Lina!"

"I vote for Lina too!"

The teacher laughed, "It seemed this Lina is popular. Lina, you're the class president now."

The girl who was just talking to Teren, Lina's smile froze.

'Fuck me in the ass.' she thought.

Teren's seatmate suddenly twitched. He looked and saw Iesa having a shocked expression.


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