Protector, Protector (BL) Book

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Protector, Protector (BL)


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They came for him when he was nine. The Shadows. They tore his mother's heart from her chest and left her there to die. Now Azame Jackson is 17, and his time seems to be running out. They exist in the darkness, the very thing Azame's life keeps at bay. He was born a Siren, a creature of light, and the Shadows were his mortal enemy. He could only run. With his Protector, Ajax Gabris, he'll attempt to survive what most of his species can't. All while Azame changes slowly into something just in between both worlds. Can he fight off the darkness that threatens to consume him? Or will he succumb? Perhaps his anchor will be Isaac Harrison, the boy who seems locked within his orbit. Time will only tell. Ajax Gabris is forever bonded to Azame Jackson, one of the last Sirens to enter their world. On his shoulders rests an unbearable weight. Born half-human, Ajax will be pushed to the brink of his strength. Will the Ancient Greek blood that flows through him hold as the pressure builds? Or will Ajax snap and sink? Ajax stands at the crossroads of going straight or betraying everything he'd ever believed in just to keep Grant Snyder by his side. For Grant, he finds. He will set the world on fire. Cover Art Done by Jude Beasley


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