17 Fairy Laws

"I am glad you are still in one peace Malia, I heard you offended Prince Flynn, by saying you don't know him." Said Nick grinning at me, I think he is the only one who is so happy that I wounded the ego of Erthesia's golden boy.

"Just be careful Malia, he is different, we have known each other since we were young, he is unreadable, and he is too powerful to be messed up with." Prince Hale said, with concern in his eyes.

"I don't care if he is the crown prince of Erthesia, or how powerful he is, he should respect each one in the academy if he wants to be respected in return, he told me I have no manners? Then what kind of person he is? I just want to study here in peace. He has no right to call me a disgrace of this school. He doesn't know the real me, but he already judged me." I said trying to control my irritation.

"Hey! Calm down Mal, shall we go to our next class? Or let us call it a day, to avoid more conflicts?" Freda asked me with uncertainty in her voice.

"No! We need to go to class, I don't want to give Flynn the satisfaction of winning this game, I want to show him that I am not frightened with his deterrent."

"Very well then, shall we?" Asked Hale offering his hands to me, so I don't have a choice but to give him my books.

Our next subject is Fairy Laws and Ordinances, I find it fascinating to learn that fairy world is the same in the mortal world they also need to abide the rules of Erthesia Kingdom. I am so glad that Hale and Nick are with me now.

Flynn is still giving me the hard look especially when he saw Prince Hale holding my books, while Prince Nick is whispering something in my ear, while the female population are looking at me with envies in their eyes since I am seated between Prince Hale and Prince Nick.

Our teacher is a petite blonde and a very charming fairy named Celeste White. Freda gave me the look of I told you so, when the professor discussed marriages between the noble family and commoner. It is a violation of the fairy decree if someone from a noble family marries a common fairy, such violation is punishable by death.

     "That law is so unfair." I said without realizing that my classmates heard what I've said, they are all looking at me with horror in their eyes as if I am talking apocalypse.

    "Anything you want to share Ms. Blaze." Asked Prof. Celeste in a formal way.

"Prof. White, in my own opinion you can never dictate your heart whom to love, I mean love knows no barriers and boundaries, but I know rules are meant to be followed, or else anyone who disobeys must suffer the punishment." I answered her timidly.

Before Ms. White can reply regarding my opinion, someone from the right side stands up. He is a tall fairy with blond hair, handsome face and muscular physique, I noticed I haven't seen all the attractive male in the academy, according to Freda all princes of Erthesia are bewitching, judging by his appearance no doubt he is royal blood too. I have never seen him from my previous class.

"Well, she has a point Professor White, I mean for an instance, we are all aware that Malia comes from the world of human, and she is not only a common fairy but half fairy, but look at her she is so hot and too beautiful for a commoner, I myself would say I can fall in love with her without a doubt." He said that and the whole class fell silent including our professor, I can feel my cheeks turning into red, never in my entire life I encountered someone who is so direct and honest.

He is looking at me without hatred or contempt, he is the only fairy who acknowledge me as a person aside from my three friends.

"Do you think Prince Declan, she is worth your life? Come on you are known to be the most sensible prince in Erthesia land, I never expect you to be this bold and out of character my dear cousin." Flynn said to the handsome fairy I almost believe he can be added to my list of friends, I am very wrong. He is after all a cousin of my archenemy.

"It is not my fault Flynn that they find me more fascinating and approachable, but I just want to remind you that most of them, only want one thing in common, to be closed to the crown prince of Erthesia, and back to your question the answer is yes! She will be worth it." Said Declan looking at me with a broad smile on his face, that made a sudden change of Flynn's facial expression, the crown prince is annoyed.

    I can see that the common fairies are looking at me with new light in their eyes, they look at me with wonder. I have to find a way to protect the commoners no matter what, I realized they never mingle with any of the royal blood. They always keep their distance, I unintentionally heard some of them talking about me. They are wondering why I became friends with the two princes.

On the other hand, the nobles are looking at me with abhorrence. I know that they loath me just because their beloved crown prince hate me for being a half blood in his eyes, my presence here in his world is contentious.

Our professor continued discussing the laws and its corresponding punishments once violated, while my mind drifted far away from our lessons. I don't know why I am day dreaming about Flynn, I can't help myself from thinking the way he looked at me.

     I don't understand why he hates me so much, I am praying that he will change his mind, and find a way to know me. I sighed and Nick looked bothered by my downcast expression.

Ms. White tells us to study in advance chapters two and three for a quiz on the next day. She dismissed our class and the fairies walked out from the classroom in a hurry. I didn't stand up immediately, I want all the royals to go ahead except my friends. They patiently wait for me, I didn't expect to find Prince Declan, waiting for us outside the classroom.

"Hi! I am so sorry Malia, it was my bad, I am Declan from the Katharos kingdom, I didn't mean to be so rude while ago, I should have introduced myself first before declaring my feelings for you, actually I did that to annoy Flynn." He said extending his right hand for me giving me a warm smile. I guessed he knew some human culture, and I can't resist because he seems so friendly and undiscriminating. I offer my right hand and grasp his hand, he has a firm handshake.

     He said hi to Nick, Hale, and even to Freda, he gives her one of his sweetest smile, I can see Freda is blushing. He is the total opposite of his cousin, he is so charming. Declan is walking beside me in going to our next class in room 418 which is located on the fourth building.

     "Please tell me Malia is your next subject is History?" Prince Declan asked me excitedly.

"Yes! You are right." I said, smiling at him.

"I am glad, at least now we have two subjects in common, I want to know you Malia, you really intrigued me." He said still looking at me with gladness.

"May I ask you Prince Declan, why did you do that just to irritate your cousin? Did you not know that he hates me so much? That he will do anything just to bring me back to the human world. Are you not afraid of him?" I asked Declan.

"Why on earth I am afraid of him? He can't force me to hate you too, we are cousins, but I have my own free will. I can be friends with whomever I want. I just heard that he hates a girl, I never expected it to be you. What is it to hate about you? How can he hate someone whose beauty excels more than the most beautiful fairy of all time. Something is wrong with Flynn. He never talked to anyone he doesn't know, and he doesn't mind either." He said gravely.

I can feel my whole face flushed with his description of my beauty. "Hey! Prince Declan I heard you are the most sensible prince not a playboy. You know that I look so ordinary compare to the fairies around here. So please stop talking nonsense or it would be a sacrilege to the most beautiful fairy in Erthesia Land." I said sheepishly.

    "Of course not, I will never do such thing. I am telling you the truth you look like her, but more beautiful, and I can show you her images. Her name and beauty has been written over thousands of books that can be found at the academy library, if you want to I can accompany you after your last subject since I have nothing else to do." He said looking at me closely.

"But I have something to do later this afternoon, maybe next time." I said apologetically.

"No need to be sorry Malia, next time would be nice too. I can't wait spending more time with you. If you are not only half fairy you could be the lost princess of Erthesia, but your aura is too weak to be considered a royal blood, I don't mean it to offend you." Prince Declan said regretfully.

   "Not at all, I am self-assured that your intention to be friends with me is genuine. What is the name of the most beautiful fairy of all time in Erthesia Land?" I asked innocently.

    "Actually, she was the Queen of Erthesia Kingdom, Queen Thalassa Ischyros. I love the history, that is why I am one of her fans, your face looks so familiar. Since I was young, I was fascinated by her beauty and her love story. She is also the reason for the downfall of King Maverick." He said sadly.

Our conversation stopped because we arrived at our next class. Declan chooses the chair in front of me beside Freda. I am still situated in the middle between Prince Nick and Prince Hale. They both looked serious and I think they are trying their very best to stay calm. I just hope I am not yet in big trouble. Is Prince Declan a foe or ally? I wish he was the latter.

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