5 A Pain Lot Worse Than Death

Goosebumps crawled all over his body as he entered the Hall.

'I-It's similar to the hall I saw in my dreams…'

Although in a condition lot worse, the major architecture was the same. The colour of the walls, the golden craving…

Everything, everything was the same.

The dining table and the throne, although now broken and covered with dust and spider webs, were in the same place as he saw in his dream.

'M-My dreams were real…'

'43's whole body shivered in excitement…

His dreams were real, that means one thing,

The vampires were strong!

As strong as the ones in his dreams!

However, that also meant that the humans betrayed the Vampires.

Thinking about it, '43's eyes turned cold.

'You betrayed us… not only that… you even enslaved us…


'43's heart was filled with hatred and disgust; however, he then took a deep breath and calmed down as he walked towards the throne Dardon pointed to.

'What do I do now?'

'43' muttered inwardly and he glanced at the once majestic, red-golden throne that now had dust and spider webs all over it. He tried touching all over but nothing happened.

He used a bit more strength to move it a little and the shiny white marble floor under it peeked out.


'43' increased his strength and moved the throne completely. The white floor that appeared looked normal, however, '43' suddenly remembered the hand symbols Dardon made and his eyes widened.

The symbol on the floor matched what Dardon showed to him.

'Wait… it's not completed… the last 2 symbols are missing here…'

'43' noticed and thinking that it might be somehow related to it, he started drawing the last two symbols on the floor with his fingers.

*Clink* *Clink* *Clink*

As soon as he finished drawing the last symbol, he heard a mechanical sound and the floor he was drawing on started moving.

Startled, '43' quickly jumped back and watched everything in astonishment.

A minute later, the mechanical sound turned silent, and a tunnel appeared in place of the white floor.

'43' took a deep breath before a determined look appeared in his eyes and he jumped into the tunnel.


'43' then entered a dark room where nothing was visible.

Even though he was a vampire whose vision in the night should be better than normal people's, he was still unable to see anything other than the entrance where he came from.

However, though his eyes couldn't see anything, the same wasn't true for his heart. His heart was beating quicker than it ever had and was somehow telling him to walk in a certain direction.

'43' did as his heart desired and his head bumped into a wall.


He then used his hand to touch the wall in front of him, and as soon as he did, shiny red coloured symbols appeared on the walls, lightening up the room.

'43' noticed that these symbols were similar to the ones he saw before, however this time, rather than the last two, only the first symbol was missing.

He walked towards the place where the first symbol should be and started drawing the symbol.

*Clink* *Clink* *Clink*

After he finished drawing, the same mechanical sound was heard again before a part of the wall started moving and another tunnel appeared.

'43' did not think too much, he just directly moved into the tunnel. However, since the tunnel was too small, he had to crawl all the way.

After crawling for about 2 minutes, he entered another dark room but as soon as his foot stepped on the floor, red coloured symbols lit up, brightening the room.


'43's eyes fell on a red coloured jar than had golden coloured patterns craved on it and picked it up. He then removed the cap and his heartbeat quickened even more.

'Blood… and it is not a normal blood…'

This blood was a lot denser than normal blood and it looked a lot tastier than one as well.

His body trembled in excitement and he practically salivated.

It took all his willpower not to gulp it all down as he placed the cap back on its head.

'This place was too small, it is better to return to the surface before I do anything'

Thinking about it, '43' carried the jar in his hands before he returned to the surface.


He sighed deeply before he removed the cap again and his heart started beating quickly once more.


'43' gulped, this time, he couldn't control himself anymore and drank the whole jar in one go.

*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*


'43' moaned in satisfaction.

This was the most delicious blood he had ever drunk. Not that he had drunk anything other than dog's blood before, but he was sure that nothing would top this blood when it comes to taste.

Soon, however, he felt a liquid trailing out of his nose.

He moved his finger to see what it was and noticed it was blood.

However, rather than normal blood, it was black, not only that, but it also carried a pungent smell along with it.

He then noticed that not only his nose, but this black blood also trailed out of all of his orifices.

This continued for 10 seconds before the black blood turned red and the speed at which the blood was flowing out increased.

A few seconds later, the blood started trailing out from his eyes well!

'43' who was already covered with blood panicked, a weird sense of weakness overwhelmed his whole body and then,


He heard a crack, an unbearable pain assaulted his body.

*Crack* *Crack* *Crack*


His bones started breaking…

Unable to stand up anymore, '43' moved towards the throne and lay on it, however, the pain had just started.

*Crack* *Crack* *Crack*

Every single bone in his body started breaking before reforming and then breaking again.


This torture continued for 10 minutes, but just when '43' thought it was over, an even more intense pain assaulted his body.


*Tear* *Tear* *Tear*

This time, his muscles started tearing apart.

Another round of torture ensued, and 1 hour later, a new wave of pain attacked his body. Now, it was his organs.

'43' did not even have the energy to scream anymore.

He just sat on the throne powerlessly, waiting for this torture to end.

If he knew he would have to go through this torture after drinking that blood, he wouldn't have drunk it even if someone threatened to kill him.

This torture was a lot worse than death.

He would have chosen death any day.

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