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"Life was never meant to be a fairytale, but still we chose to believe that ours would have a happy ending." ••••••••••••••••••••••• The wind blew wisps of her copper brown hair on to her face. I instinctively leaned down to move them away from her face. But before I could touch her, her long lashes fluttered. I immediately moved away, her sharp eyes, dark as the midnight, opened to behold me. I didn't want to be caught doing what I was about to do. Because I knew very well how much my very presence disgusted her. I watched in fascination as she stretched her arms, the loose sweater she had on, slipped down, revealing her delicate shoulder. I usually hated unkempt people, and I despised slovenly people. But right now I loved how she looked in her disheveled state, I felt a strange feeling in my stomach as I beheld her my heart beating faster than normal. Perhaps it was because of jogging up here. It has to be, that is the only rational reason. Unless... Her eyes widened as her bleary gaze registered my presence, her posture stiffening and her expression hardening back to what I was used to. How I wished she could smile at me as delicately as she did when in the embrace of slumber. She quickly sat up and pulled her sweater on her shoulder. A faint blush dusting her cheeks. I felt a tug at my heart, she was extremely pretty. But could she ever be mine? Gauhar raised an eyebrow at me cooly, and I realized I was staring at her like a fool. She tucked the a wayward strand that had escaped her loosely plaited hair behind her ear. "You're back." She observed, looking none too happy about that fact. I sat down on the bean bag in front of her "So it seems." My lips turned up into a grin "You seem a little disappointed, were you expecting something else?" Her dark eyes lit up with fire as she turned her nose up in disdain "Anything is better than having you as a companion." Her voice was cold but still it managed to burn a hole in my chest. It hurt, it freaking hurt. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• How will the strong will of aspiring lawyer Gauhar clash with Altamash's cool wisdom. Will they ever be able to overcome their differences or will they succumb to the challenges of life? Will Gauhar be able to trust anyone again after losing everything close to her? Will Altamash ever be able to put back her broken pieces, or is he going to lose her forever? Will Gauhar ever accept his love...his help? Why does Gauhar despise him? Why has she lost all faith in humanity including herself? Read ahead to find out more in this tale of broken trust, revenge and love. Can they find their happy ending or has reality planned something else for them? PS: The beginning of this book is super slow, because you guys gotta get acquainted with the characters, but I promise it'll get Interesting as the story moves on (at least I hope so). And be warned this is a slow burn novel so if your expecting instant fireworks and sparks...this is not the book for you(sadly). But if you like to feel pain and emotions (masochistic?) and read about life in general, then this is the book for you. This is a book where you'll read from the point of views of the four main characters and the struggles they face not only in life but also psychologically. PPS: This is my first book so please be kind to little old me, and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. After all...the real joy of writing is knowing that there is someone who is enjoying your work. So don't be shy in telling me what you think. And if there are any mistakes please pardon me, my eyes have this amazing ability to overlook my errors when I attempt editing, but rest assured I will do my best to give you chapters that don't make you cringe due to the abundance of grammatical errors. Anyways, you should go read the book :))(cuz that's obviously what your here for)

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I m just in love with this book and the main leads especially Altamash...he is so amazing and gauhar I love her♥️♥️ I hope gauhar realizes her love for altamash 🥺


This amazing book hooked me from the very first page, I couldn’t stop reading. Awesome very well written with respect to Author, It’s a stunning, audacious book with a fresh take The book—though an absorbing and well-crafted work




The comedy and exploration of emotions are striking and are what got me to keep reading. There are a few mistakes here and there but it doesn't interfere with the feelings of the book. The characters are easy to sympathise with, I really want everything to turn out well for them. I hope the author keeps going and explores further!


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