70 Chapter 69: Finding a solution

"Where did you say the creek was located in Rosevielle?" I asked the chief who I luckily stumbled unto when I returned from the cell. I heard her discussing something related to the creek of the forest. I don't know if it is the same as the one Micky told me but I want to find out myself. I was able to suck out some information from Micky with the help of a little torture, geez the dude cried like a baby.

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"When did we discuss the creek of Roseville?" She eyed me suspiciously. I understand she did not want to tell me even when I convinced her I won't go on a rampage or destroy something. 'I just needed to know where the creek was'. 

"We didn't I-"

"Then why are you asking me about it? What makes you think I know about it?"


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