8 Elements of Insanity - Ch. 2 A New Fluttershy

Twilight woke up, yawned, and stretched. She was tired beyond explanation, for her dream kept replaying every time she fell asleep. And every time her dream replayed, she woke up and it took her an hour to go back to sleep.

    Her eyelids were heavy and her eyes were red. Her mane and tail were messy and her head was aching. Her body was stiff and her mouth was dry. Her nose was clogged up so she could only breathe through her mouth. She dragged herself out of bed, thinking a shower might help her.


Meanwhile, Fluttershy was feeding the animals in her cottage. One by one they all ate the required meal they usually receive in the morning. When Fluttershy was done, she heard her telephone ring.

"Who could that be?" She asked..

    Fluttershy flew to her room and answered her ringing telephone.

    "Hello?" She asked.

    "Fluttershy." The voice said.

The voice was deep and scary, giving Fluttershy chills. She nervously responded to the mysterious caller, not knowing what she was getting herself into. 

"Ugh, this is her. M-Might I ask, who's calling?" She said.

"Fluttershy." The voice said. 

Fluttershy began to fearfully shake more. 

"When you feel it, you will see it." The voice said. 

"W-What do you mean?"

"Shed. Now." The voice said. 

The voice hung up the phone. Fluttershy shook with fear. She did have a shed in her backyard, but was she supposed to enter it? She only kept garden utensils back there. Fluttershy hesitantly flew outside to her backyard and lifted her hoof off the ground to open up her shed door. 

She slowly opened the door. Nothing was in her shed except for her garden utensils. She turned on the lights on the lights to her shed and slowly walked in. Nobody was there. 

"Maybe, that pony had the wrong number." Fluttershy said. 

Fluttershy exited her shed, not noticing a pair of red eyes. But these red eyes were different from the ones Twilight saw. These ones looked like a small empty circular dot for eyes. The ones Twilight saw looked like eyes that were fully red.

The next day, Fluttershy decided to take a walk around Ponyville. She casually walked around Ponyville, not even remembering about the phone call she had yesterday. She then accidentally bumped into two ponies. She landed on her back, and stood back up. 

"Hey, watch where you're going!" One of the ponies said. 

"I-I-I-I'm sorry." Fluttershy said. 

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"I bet you are." The other pony said.

They both walked away, laughing while leaving. Fluttershy sighed and stood back up. Some ponies were mean to her, just because she was shy and sensitive. Fluttershy just ignored them, not wanting her day to be ruined. 

Eventually, Fluttershy came upon a vegetable stand. She saw some carrots, and knew her pet rabbit, Angel, would love some. She paid for them with two bits and put it in her saddle. But then, a magenta colored pony walked up to Fluttershy.

"Excuse me Miss. Could I PLEASE have those carrots of yours?" She asked.

"B-But I just bought them." Fluttershy said.


Fluttershy sighed and gave her the carrots.

"Thank you."

The pony walked away, snickering to her friend.

"Told you. That shy girl just doesn't know how to say 'no.'" The pony said. 

They laughed as poor Fluttershy sighed again. She was on her way back to her cottage, when suddenly, she saw a colt walking by her. A butterfly had landed on his muzzle, so he swatted it away. The poor butterfly landed on the ground with a broken wing. 

Fluttershy gasped and ran to the small insect. She was on the edge of crying, not knowing why he would do such a thing. However, Fluttershy grew angry. Very angry. She stood up and stopped the colt in his tracks. 

"Really?! You're seriously going to hurt a poor defenseless insect as if it doesn't have feelings? Are you serious?!" Fluttershy yelled.

At first, the colt didn't care. Until she started raising her voice even louder and gave him a look that could kill. The colt backed up, frightened at the yellow Pegasus's sudden attitude. 

"You act as if you're somepony special! As if the rules and policies don't apply to you! As if you own every single thing that pops up in this world! But so help me, I will-"

After noticing that a bunch of ponies had surrounded her, she ceased her yelling. She blushed and laughed nervously before flying off back to her cottage. When she reached her home, she ignored her worried animal friends and headed towards her room. A frown was plastered on her face. 

What that colt had done to that butterfly was rude and careless. The poor creature didn't do a thing to that pony. The thought made Fluttershy angry. She had quietly growled at the thought of them showing meanness towards any scared and defenseless creature. 

Fluttershy stood up after a couple hours of thinking, and walked towards her cottage, ignoring her animals once again. When she entered her cottage, she immediately noticed that her gardening utensils were on the ground instead of hanging on the walls, and they all looked like they were badly damaged for some reason as if they were hundreds of years old. 

The only thing hanging on the wall, was a shiny, large, axe that hung underneath a bright light  bulb which so happened to be the only source of light in her cottage. The normal light bulb had mysteriously broken. When she was inside the cottage, the door behind her slammed shut. She jumped and gasped, startled, but then shook her head and continued walking towards the axe. 

She could remember that phone call she received earlier.

'When you feel it, you will see it.' 

She didn't know what that meant, but she knew that she sure as hell felt angry. She stopped in front of the axe, staring at her reflection. For a split second, her reflection had disappeared and showed something weird. It looked like her, just different. She couldn't make out what it entirely looked like either. 

Fluttershy knew it was wrong, even thinking about messing with such a dangerous weapon was wrong, but she felt enraged and HAD to take her anger out on something. She picked the axe up with her mouth, trying not to stumble over. It was big and difficult to hold. So Fluttershy quickly found out how to use her hoof to hold it. 

She sighed and clenched the axe. She gritted her teeth, thinking about all the times those ponies disrespected her and her poor animals. She yelled in anger and smashed every garden utensil in her shed. One by one, they were crushed into small pieces, causing loud crashing sounds. 

Fluttershy enjoyed crushing all of those garden utensils. Unleashing her anger by destroying things felt good in her opinion. When she was finished, she panted for air and stood on her two back legs as if she was a human. Her mane was mysteriously ad quickly getting shorter and her stomach was getting somewhat skinner. 

When her mysterious transformation was finished, Fluttershy no longer looked like her old self. Her hair was short with cut ends, her ribs were almost showing, and her face resembled anger. Her eyes shrank as if she was insane, because she was starting to be. And the large axe was still in her hoof. 

She heard some of her animals demanding food from her cottage. Fluttershy growled. 

"You don't want to ask nicely? Then I won't respond kindly." Fluttershy said. 

She slammed her shed door shut and headed towards her cottage, ready to handle some business with her animals. Some very, 'unkind' business.

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