Pokemon : I am brock

An otaku in brock body let's see what he will do and what he can achieve. . I don't own pokemon

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I am brock?

It was normal busy day in the city, as usual some were going to work some were doing something else and lucas who didn't know about his upcoming danger was just going to his college to get lectured by his proffesor as he missed his classes for 4 day straight just because he was busy playing all Pokemon games he was an otaku usually staying in his rented apartment and watching anime and now these days he was fascinated of pokemon games so he taught of playing all the pokemon games without a break and now he has finished playing them he had finally came out of his apartment to attend his lectures as he was about to take the bus to his college suddenly he saw an crazy truck coming in his way from his eyes the truck looked like saying with shit eating grin that here I come one more otaku to kill and that's all lucas saw before darkness enveloped him and all left was his consciousness in a very vast dark space and his consciousness floating in that space and after some long time he felt like something was sucking him away from that place as lucas was bored he just jumped in that sucking force and got sucked and after opening his eyes what he saw all was blinding light straight coming to his eyes and the after some time the light got dissipated and then he saw that he was in a jungle and he felt like he was not in his body so to check where he was he started checking his Sorrounding and after waking for some minutes he found a lake sa he was thirsty from that walk he walked towards the lake to drink some water as the water in lake looked cean and clear and when he reached the lake the first thing he saw was his image and image matched well with a character he has seen in an anime and that was brock and after seeing his image lucas was shocked that he was in brock body or body who's face looks exactly like brock from pokemon and then calming down a little he drank the water from the lake and then he started thinking where he fiirst thing he knew was that he was dead and he was in another world and somehow he his in the body of brock or a person that exactly looks like brock then tried to recall the previous memories of the body and then he got a sudden headache that was very painful but after some some time the headache varies away and lucas opens his eyes and started jumping as he was happy about that he was in pokemon world and in the body of brock then after calming down from his happy state he started feeling sorry for the original rock as he was dead by getting caught by a wild pinsir when he was travelling and suddenly that pinsir attacked him by giving him a tackle which blew him out he hit a sharp stone in his head whick led to blood loss and ending his life that's why he was still feeling dizzy and then he occupied rocks body now after organising his memory and taking a good rest lucas Or rock thought of going ot of the viridian forest as he was in viridian forest as rock wanted something from forest qnd then after carefully moving out from the forest he reached pewter city.

After reaching pewter city , He slowly crept his way toward pokemom center as he was going toward center flint saw him in the weak state and he was very worried about his son so he thought of helping him by letting go his worries of neglecting his children so he started going toward him and helped him by carrying him in his back to pokemon center and who was in flint back just thought that someone was helping him by carrying him on his back.

After reaching the center flint asked nurse joy to help his son who was in very weak state, after looking brock on the flint back, nurse joy aaked what happened to him but flint didn't have the answer to that question so all he could say was that he found him in weak state at tha gates of pewter city.

After that nurse joy asked chansey to heal brock and chansey used heal pulse on brock and after some time brock opened his eyes looking around to know were he was and after looking around he knew he was in pokemon center and he was resting in some bed as he thought of getting out of the bed nurse joy came and stopped him from moving saying that he still needed some rest and brock then rested in that bed as he didn't wanted to nurse joy, so he asked how he here who helped him by carrying him here to this replied that a man named flint helped him by carrying him here and he is now gone, after hearing this brock thought of getting rest and asked nurse joy to deliver a message to his home that he is safe and he will be there by tomorrow , hearing this nurse joy said ok and left the room .

Now in the room brock or lucas was thinking what to do from now on because he wasn't interested in becoming a gym leader or pokemon breeder because he wanted to become a pokemon trainer and to make that that possible he needed someone whom he can give the position of the gym leader, to that position there was two option one was flint wand other was forest as forest and up becoming the gym leader in the anime but now forest was small so the only option available was flint brocks dad.

So after selecting the gym leader the next step was his Pokemon trainer journey which he was very excited for, so after resting in the lokemon center for the day he woke up in the next morning and started to go out of the center to meet flint in the place were he sells his rocks.

please help me i have some question and i know writing is very bad grammar is bad but please help me by an answering what to do of brocks previous pokemons

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