24 Mistake

And since that, two months have passed.

Evan spent the time training Abra and Gothita, making deals with daycares, etc.

He had gained even more money, which he was making a business plan to use.

He planned to use it all, but now he wanted to save and invest it into a facility that could give him even more pokemon, and he had some ideas.

But as always, Evan got the Apputuide tester and scanned all of his pokemon.


Abra - Male

Apputuide : Medium Green

Level : 10

Moves: Teleport(E), Confusion(E), Ally switch, Encore

Abilty: Magic Guard


See these A's?

that was because of the new aptitude tester he brought which was incredibly powerful, not to mention expensive.

Seriously... this thing.

It shows a Pokemon's grasp over moves, ranked into (Learned, Experienced, Advanced, Mastery and Grandmaster.

It was useful on knowing what move was a pokemon's trump card, and what needed work.

Now, it was Gothita turn.


Gothita: Female

Apputuide : High Orange

Level: 6

Moves: Confusion(E), Pound, Play Nice, Heal pulse(A)

Abilty: Shadow tag.


Evan trained nearly exclusively Heal pulse.

The mangled corpse of that young girl... brutally stabbed and gnawed to the point where her intestines were coming out of her body.

Robert...Lissandra...Evelynn..the orphan kids.

None of them...

should ever have a fate like that.

Evan clutched looked down at his legs, before shaking his head.

Milktank was being taken care of in the barn section of the field ecology park section.

He had hired a person on good money to continue to milk Milktank.

Milcery had become attached to him for some reason, and its potential wasn't bad, so Evan kept it on him.


Milcery: Genderless

Apputuide: Medium Green

Level: 5

Moves: Aromatic Mist (E), Tackle, Sweet kiss

Abilty: Sweet Viel


He didn't do much training as it was young and a support type pokemon, which would match his team very well.

But what he saw potential in...

Aromatic Mist.

Considered nearly useless in Pokemon battling, Evan saw its potential in Business.

The milk formula he had gotten from consulting a food expert, he released that it would taste better than normal if this move was used on it beforehand.

Sighing, he moved on to the workshop he had made.

The recipe for incense was incredibly expensive, not to mention the difficulty in making it.

"JuSt HIrE a MasTeR cRaftEr"

he couldn't do that as he didn't trust a stranger enough with a priceless artefact that sells for millions of pokedollars!

as such, Evan decided to learn how to craft himself.

But he didn't have a teacher!

yes... but also he had a favour from Rey he could use.

What would he use that favour for?

trying to learn from Mr Briney himself, one of the most powerful crafters in the world, and the previous hoenn elite four.

He would learn how to craft from him if everything went wrong, and if it didn't it meant he could gain a valuable friend.

It was a powerful situation.

But of course, he needed to take a step back.

Slowly Collecting the pearl from his table, Evan started to cultivate with Abra and Gothita.

This "thing" collected raw psychic energy from the atmosphere and directed it into Abra, who directed it to Evan and Gothita.

The effect is weakened due to the three-time strain at once, but Evan felt the barrier to the second stage slowly start to loosen.

Slowly getting off the ground and yawning, Evan wheeled his way down to the daycare.

Evan watched as the setting sun illuminated the field section , where a shop could be seen.

That was gardenia's flower shop, and she loves to spend most of her time there if she isn't accepting challenges.

Evan gets monthly fee's and media attention, and Gardenia gets a popular passive income due to her gym-leader status.

Gardenia had apologized to him about what she had done, and Evan accepted her apology before reminding her there won't be a second time, or else.

Going into her shop and having a cup of tea, Evan looked towards Evelynn and Gardenia, who ushered near the table.

"Why did you want to see us so urgently?" Evelyn sipped on bee tea, as she and Gardenia had gotten close over the fact they were both orphans and both worked the way up.

Becoming a gym leader at the tender age of 17 wasn't an achievement to look down on, as she could be considered a genius by all means.

Evan projected his psychic voice

"I need to attend to a family matter."

Both of them knew that family was a taboo subject for Evan if not everyone.

"What do you need us to do?"

"Attend to the daycare." Evan placed down his teacup.

Evan placed down 5 contracts down and passed them to Evelynn.

"I want to hire three of your 16-year-old children."

Legally, a person needs to be kicked out an orphanage at 16, with no exceptions.

The clock is ticking, and Evelynn made sure to announce her displeasurement about this law.

"What about the Orphanage?" Evelyn frowned

She didn't have two copies of herself, meaning that she couldn't both attend to the day-care and do her work.

A slip of paper was passed to her, as she vastly took it and frowned

"Your one can't bastard, do you know that." Evelyn pulled out a pen and wrote her signature.

"Your not going to read the rest?" Evan was shocked, as she shook her head. "I trust you."

A feeling of warmth filled Evans heart as he smiled.

"From today on, Greengrove day-care will be forming with Floaroma town orphanage." Evan gave a rare smile, which caused Evelynn to snicker, before shaking her head.

"I can take a couple of days off~~~" Gardenia put her foot on the table and yawned. "The people in the league can do one if I have to be with one more snotty brat that comes through the doors of the gym."

"How is shroomish doing?" Evan asked.

"Oh, shrooms are doing well, recently broke into green potential."

So fast?

Evan looked Confused, as Gardenia shook her head.

"I have my ways." She snickered, causing Evan to have an epiphany.

Chatting with them and parting ways, Evan roamed the second floor of the daycare, his hands drifting his hand through the walls Minncino had taken so long to run.

Evan stopped on the calendar, of which his eyes grew cold.

When he was 11, the birth of his sister excited him to the point where he marked her birthday for the next 50 years, the maximum this calendar goes to.

He vowed to never forget her birthday.

And he failed.

4 years...

He is a mistake of a brother.

He should have been there when she was alone and developing, teaching her letters, giving her chocolate when he shouldn't.

But he failed .

Slowly placing his head on the wall, Evan started to silently weep as the sun had fully set.

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